Monday, January 26, 2015

Birthday Wishes to Evangeline

Dear Friends,

Last week Evangeline celebrated her official entrance in "girlhood." Now she can use all her fingers to tell how old she is! It's always hard to believe how fast everyone is growing up. The days are long, but the years fly by. Evangeline has been such a blessing to our family, with her feminine and graceful (at least mostly!) nature.

She chose to have a unicorn theme for her birthday cake, signifying hopes and dreams for a magical future. 

Mr. Graham had the day before her birthday off, so we celebrated early, with a backyard picnic and ball games. I was reminded at how graceful I am not when it comes to baseball! :)

Towards evening we went to a local park that had some fun slides and monkey bars to play on, too, and we had some more fun there. 

Evangeline's sisters decorated the house for her special day, and even made a throne fit for a princess for the day.


Thank you to all of you, for sharing with our family all the joys and adventures we pass through and share in Blogland; may your year be blessed.