Saturday, October 22, 2016

Enjoying Autumn

Dear Friends,

Autumn time has truly arrived again, bringing the last of the flowers and beautiful blue skies. The colors are turning on the trees, and every breeze brings down a shower of leaves.

Time to spend as much time outside as possible, soaking up the last of the warm sunshine, before Jack Frost comes to pay a call!

These pictures were taken by Tasha at a nearby nature park~ She has an eye for photography!

May you be blessed with a full larder and happy heart this time of year, dear friends.



Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Celebrating Hyrum's Birthday

Dear Friends,

Someone had a third birthday recently~ Someone who really likes farm animals!

So we had a farm cake~

And went to a place that had farm animals (even though Hyrum doesn't look very happy here).

There was contra dancing to participate in,

plus lots of crafts and other goodies for sale!

We went on a tractor-pulled wagon ride,

and saw sorghum molasses being made.

There were many old-time crafts being demonstrated,

with knowledgeable volunteers to explain everything they were doing.

                                                                 The Blacksmith Shop

It was a fun time for all, and we wish we'd had a million dollars or so to buy everything that was being sold. Maybe next time! :)

Happy birthday, big Hyrum boy!