Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Happy May (Catch-up Post)!

Dear Friends,

My, oh my, it's been over a month since I last posted! I have been so busy in the garden I have had nary a chance to get in and work on my blog (those of you who are friends on Facebook have been more informed).

We bought chicks and ducklings the first of the month, and have been busy making movable pens for them, to keep them safe. One of our dogs killed two chicks, sadly, before we had them in a good place, and another chick died of natural causes. Life with animals can be hard!

We've been feeding the local hummingbirds and orioles, although now the honeysuckle is blooming at present, and they are having more fun enjoying a natural diet!

Turtles are on the move right now, and we have tried to save as many as we could safely pull over to help cross the roads. These two turtles were in our yard and road, so we played with them for a bit.

Phoebes are nesting in our front porch, so I've had to move the bird feeders where the other birds won't be dive-bombed every time they come for a snack.

We enjoyed going to (and performing at) the Spring Planting Festival at Baker Creek. Ken performed as Elvis, and the children sang a few songs as well. We were happy to meet John Denver's banjo player and writer of "Grandma's Feather Bed," Jim Connor.

I hope that you have had a lovely month of May, despite the crazy weather that seems to be happening all over the world!