Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Keeping Cool

 Dear Friends,

What began as an innocent game of catch, ended up as an all-out, soaking-wet, can't-see-through-the-water-in-my eyes water fight! With temperatures hovering around 100 degrees again, we're getting more creative at our efforts to cool off (another one being taking a shower with our clothes on, hee!).

I hope that you're keeping cool, too!



Friday, July 27, 2012

Rain, Blessed Rain

A Welcome Sight!

Dear Friends,

Happy Friday to you! We have been very grateful to have received rain twice this week, after weeks of temperatures up in the 100s, and no rain in sight. We had been praying for rain for the farmers and animals every day, and hope that the drought in the Midwest is coming to an end.

You can see how brown everything is~ 
Very different from the normal green!

It was actually cool enough to go for a walk yesterday morning, so of course we took advantage of the opportunity!

Thank goodness that our little garden out front has done well despite the heat (except for the things that were eaten by groundhogs while we were away). We're so glad that groundhogs don't like collards and herbs!

Thank you, little rain!

Today we've been learning about birds, while our dog is trying on her personalized tag for size~

We are also loving this tea tree oil cream that we bought before our trip. We used it on the trip for everything from scratches, to sunburn, to bites, to emergency toothpaste and diaper cream! We love all-purpose items that save space and are all-natural.

Another thing that we loved on our trip was buying one of those egg toys that take three days to hatch into a dinosaur. We put it into a jar of water in the back seat, and it was vastly entertaining watching it grow! Try it next time to you take a road trip with youngsters.☺

May you all have a wonderful, restful weekend, and those of you who have too much rain, feel free to send some our way!



Monday, July 23, 2012

The Tall Dolls Have a Parade

 Dear Friends,

Since we were in Idaho on Independence Day, our annual Tall Doll parade had to be postponed until we were home again. This year's judge included Kaffeen the Wonder Dog, whom we brought from Grandma's (leaving her with only five more dogs), and Senora, the Evil Foot-Eating Kitten.

 The floats included entries from the Nature Bature Club~

 Miss Victory (portrayed by Miss Molly McIntire, of course)~

Miss Dorothy rode Matilda, the resident steed~
 And Becky Button Nose pushed her twin babies in the stroller~
                                                                 "Go, USA!"

 Ammon the brave and his foes, the sheep robbers~

There was a float for "Mormon Pioneer Women"~

. . .And for Miss Merry Hearts, as well!

 The dolls' postal service, Kitten Post was quite patriotic. . .

 In short, a lovely time was had by all.

We hope you enjoyed our little parade today. I can't wait to see next year's, can you?