Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Keeping Cool

 Dear Friends,

What began as an innocent game of catch, ended up as an all-out, soaking-wet, can't-see-through-the-water-in-my eyes water fight! With temperatures hovering around 100 degrees again, we're getting more creative at our efforts to cool off (another one being taking a shower with our clothes on, hee!).

I hope that you're keeping cool, too!




  1. Marqueta, that looks like so much fun! I've no wading pool this year but next year when the grandbaby is bigger, I will definitely have to get one.

  2. That was quite fun, was it not!!! I wish we could do it again! I love you, mama!!!

    Love, Audrey

  3. Dear Marqueta, Those are GREAT pictures! Looks like so much fun. It makes me happy how you are enjoying those years. Little Becky Button Nose is growing growing up!!! Wow. Stay cool!


  4. This whole entry made me smile (so much)! what a dear and sweet mommy you are!!
    This is a summer memory you all shall never forget :)
    With Love, Deanna

  5. Now that looks like fun! I could use that right now, just came in from a marathon weeding session. Happy last day of July!

  6. Looks like you had the best time keeping cool. We are so lucky that our neighbours have a pool and they are very generous about us using it whenever we want. The weather is just not that good at the moment. We have had a run of sunny days but back to grey skies today. Malta is beckoning however and they are having record temperatures this year...Thank heavens for air conditioning, I have a feeling that we are going to need it! Devx

  7. Hmmm....think I'll offer to help the Redneck wash the truck--then I'll just start the fun with a sopping wet sponge....

    Got your latest letter--will have a reply winging it's way to you soon!


  8. We do that a lot here in East Texas to cool off....I haven't yet this year,but last summer I sat right down in the pool with the grands and had the best time :) Your girls are really growing up...beautiful young ladies...just like mama :)...blessings

  9. What fun, lol!!
    Hope your days start to cool down soon, Marqueta.
    In the meantime..a good family drenching looks like the way to go :-)
    blessings..Trish xx

  10. Hi Marqueta.
    Now that is fun! And cooling!
    My mom used to send the 7 of us outside when we were young to do that. Some fun things never change!

    My kids are mostly boys, and they had super soaker (guns) to annoy each other with.


  11. Summer fun at its very best!!



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