Thursday, January 21, 2016

Happy Birthday Evangeline

 Dear Friends,

The first family birthday of the year has come already! Evangeline has turned 11, and is becoming quite a young lady. It seems like just yesterday that she was toddling around and playing with way too many baby dolls.

We had a fun time celebrating her special day by opening presents, then visiting the Kansas City Toy and Miniature Museum.

 This little girl admiring a dollhouse is only five inches tall!

After the museum it was back home for birthday cake, which featured a pecan "cave horse" with blueberry eye.

Here's to a wonderful year!


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Blessings for a New Year

Dear Friends,

We had a nice little "good riddance" bonfire on New Year's Eve, to say goodbye to the old, and move on to the new!

The children were given headlamps for Christmas, and used them for a little night-time sledding, as well.

Hyrum is ready for a New Year full of fun!

On New Year's Day, the children treated Mr. Graham and me to the annual Graham Family Nutcracker, which was loads of fun.

January is already starting to slip away from us, each day full of moments and work and moments of play. One of my resolutions is to hold my children and husband closer each day, and not let a day go by being so busy that I forget to look into their eyes and tell them how much I love them.

May your year be blessed as well,  my friends.