Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Spring!

Dear Friends,

I'm sure that I am not alone in my celebration of the first day of Spring today. It has been a long, cold winter, so we all are hoping for a beautiful, warm (but not too hot) spring! Evangeline has been begging for a cat for a quite now, so we relented and got her one, whom she named "Puff" after the Dick and Jane kitten. Puff is quite the male cat already, trying to kill birds and having his first fight in the front yard. Oh, the joys of cat-parenting!

We've had a few snow days that have brought the birds in to have their portraits taken, which makes the darkness easier to handle.

We were given six Leghorn chicks that needed a home, and we're still waiting to see what sex they are. Roosters aren't allowed in town, so hopefully they're all hens.

Hyrum is enjoying his amber resin teething necklace, which seemed to be working more at first than now. Perhaps they wear out after a while? We'll have to do more research to find out!

I used my Christmas money to buy an ALICE pack to use for a bug-out (emergency prepardness) bag. It's been fun filling it with all the fun "girly" things like fire-starters, head lamps, and wind-up radios that you never know when you'll need (I still need a hatched and folding saw. . . ). I am passionate about preparing everyone in the family to handle various emergencies, so we spent lots of time watching survival programs and invest in tools and accessories to help everyone be prepared and confident in any situation.

I bought several native wildflower starts at a native plant sale recently, and have lots of pea, fava bean, and other early veg seeds to get in the ground within the next few days. Thankfully today is nice and sunny, so we can all go out and get our vitamin D while doing so!

Blessings to you and your family today~



Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Young Lady's Guide to Natural Health — Revised Edition

Dear friends,

     We have recently updated our first eBook, The Young Lady's Guide to Natural Health. We added a few sections, and clarified things that were not explained very well in the previous version. Those of you who have purchased the first edition are entitled to a free copy of the new one! We hope that this book will be an encouragement to those who are seeking a more natural approach to health. 

     All credit of the promotional video (below) goes to Audrey~

 To purchase this book, click on the link on this blog's sidebar. 

     Thank you, and to God be the glory!

~ Marqueta 

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