Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Young Lady's Guide to Natural Health — Revised Edition

Dear friends,

     We have recently updated our first eBook, The Young Lady's Guide to Natural Health. We added a few sections, and clarified things that were not explained very well in the previous version. Those of you who have purchased the first edition are entitled to a free copy of the new one! We hope that this book will be an encouragement to those who are seeking a more natural approach to health. 

     All credit of the promotional video (below) goes to Audrey~

 To purchase this book, click on the link on this blog's sidebar. 

     Thank you, and to God be the glory!

~ Marqueta 

PS. To win a free copy of this eBook, leave a comment & like us on Facebook.  

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  1. Love it Marqueta! Thank you for opening up our eyes to a whole new world!

  2. Dear Mami,
    You did such a splendid job on the book, and Audrey did a brilliant job making the movie! It should bring you both fame and fortune. :)
    If I wasn't your daughter, I would buy a copy. But I can read it for free by just asking you.

    I love you and I like you!

    Love ~


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