Friday, April 20, 2018

Enjoying Nature, and More Projects!

 Dear Friends,

Thank you for all the kind birthday wishes. We have been enjoying seeing all the new growth in our yard, and along the roads nearby. I was excited to find two patches of May apples growing on our property the other day, as well as a little fern. Normally we would have to take a drive to the country for wildflower-viewing, so it's nice to have it all around us. Now we just have to drive a ways to do any shopping!

We have been planting lots of peas, radishes, carrots, favas, and salad greens in our garden, and hoping that they survive all the frosts we've been having lately!

 These are Thomas Laxton peas, which we learned were bred by a famous friend of Charles Darwin.

The children and I have been building a strawberry planter box out of pallets, in hopes of keeping the rabbits from eating them once they start growing. We're trying Ozark Beauty strawberries, which should do well, since they were bred in this area. Gardening is always an adventure! We also have put in lots of alpine strawberries that we started from seed purchased from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co, where our three oldest daughters work. If you will be in the area for the Baker Creek Spring Planting Festival in May, the girls and Frankie will be performing a few songs and we would love to meet you!

May you have a wonderful day.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Birthday Time Again

Dear friends,

This past Sunday I became 90 divided by 2. We had church in the morning, and in the afternoon, my girls made me a beautiful cake with strawberries and magnolia blossoms on it. Magnolia blossoms are a little strong, but they're good medicine, so it was worth it!

Hyrum gave me a sweet hug and a tractor made out of Legos to help in the garden (we'll see how THAT goes!).

We had fun target-practicing in the woods on Saturday. and Mother Nature blessed me with gold in the form of finches, as well as dandelion blossoms all over the yard.

We also had our first asparagus harvest from the bed that planted years ago, so that was an especially wonderful treat.

I am so grateful to finally be here in land in the country, where we will be busy doing more projects than I can keep track of, until we make a real homestead out of our place. There are fences to install, chicken coops and other animal shelters to make, a greenhouse or two to figure out, ponds and other waterworks to dig, etc. etc.  My husband suffers from severe diabetic neuropathy, so thank goodness for wonderful people from our church who are willing to come lend a hand with tilling, clearing brush, etc. and neighbors that offer to help, as well!

Thank you to all my friends who read this blog. Your friendship means more than you know.