Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Working on the Garden and New Puppies

 Dear friends,

As you can see, we've been busy feeding the local goldfinch population! I've never had a single finch eat from a thistle sock before, but they've emptied out three in the last week, and I had to buy four more today! Did I mention it's expensive? But the little birds bring us so much joy with their singing, it is worth every penny.

We've been working outside when the weather permits, building raised beds and putting in some cold-hardy crops like lettuce, pak choy, arugula, and broad beans.  In the picture below you'll see three of my helpers digging a small pond for a memorial garden in the front. We are going to put lilies around it for our Victoria Lily, who died at birth ten years ago.

We'll be building a rose arbor as well, an fencing it all in so the deer don't come dine on them. We have lots of multiflora roses around the property, so I'm hoping the deer will eat them and leave our nice ones alone. We'll see how my theory pans out!

We picked up some "Craigslist Special" puppies that a person not far from us was giving away, to be future guard dogs on the homestead. We saw a bobcat the other day on the road by our house, and have heard coyotes howling nearby, so good guard dogs will be helpful once we get chickens.

I hope that you are having a wonderful March so far, and enjoying the greening of the spring (if it is where you are!).



Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Settling In, and Getting Busy!

Dear Friends,

We've been officially moved in for less than two weeks here at our new home, but we've already done quite a few projects and improvements.

Here is the new floor in the girls' room, after we pulled the old carpet out. They laid the whole thing themselves (with the help of their ten-year old brother!).

We brought along the stray cat that adopted us in Springfield (on the top stair), along with our cat Ginger. They were exhausted after the long car ride!

We've been exploring the woods around our home, and getting busy cutting down all the invasive Amur and Japanese honeysuckle that has taken over (You can see a small one next to the tree below~ we still have hundreds to cut down).

We've put up a couple of bird feeders and discovered just how many birds there are in this area! I've never had goldfinches come to my feeders before, but there are plenty of them here (along with a purple finch).
We have found digging bars come in handy when digging holes for things like clothes line posts (we've also found that they're really heavy!).

The lawn on the side yard is going to be our kitchen garden, so we are using our old moving boxes as a grass-killer, holding them down with some of the many rocks found along our dirt road.

The sunrises and sunsets here are quite beautiful, casting a colorful blessing on our little homestead-in-the-making.

If I haven't stopped by to visit my friends' blogs lately, know that I am thinking of you, and will visit soon!



Thursday, February 1, 2018

We've Moved! (Almost)

Dear Friends,
We are so excited to have found a nice home on four acres for our family! We closed on the house last week, and the children and I camped out there for a few days to rip out yucky carpet,

Put on new flooring. . .

. . .tear down walls that should be doorways, 

. . . and begin the task of covering the brown walls with something a little more light.

                   We've also gotten to know a few of our neighbors, including this little guy~

We'll post more pictures once we get truly settled in, but until then, may you have a wonderful weekend!


Monday, January 22, 2018

January Brings the Snow. . . .

. . . Makes our feet and fingers glow.

Dear Friends,

 Missouri has been a winter wonderland lately! Our snow has now melted, and we've gotten lots of rain the past day or so, but the snow certainly made an impression while it lasted!

The little ones loved it most of all (and some of the older ones were not TOO sad to miss a day of work), playing Fox and Geese and making snow people (and a puppy).

This interesting snow creature was the result of the neighbor boys having knocked down Frankie's snowman, and Hyrum donating the head of his puppy in its stead.

I hope you've been enjoying a snow day or two, as well!



Sunday, December 31, 2017

It Was a Merry Little Christmas

Dear Friends,

I hope that you all enjoyed a lovely Christmas, and that a blessed and happy New Year will be yours!

As you can see, we re-enacted the Nativity on Christmas Eve, and opened a few simple gifts on Christmas morning.

Games and Legos were the "big thing" this year!

A "secret Santa" left a ham and holiday fruits and veggies on our door step on Christmas Eve, so we enjoyed them for our Christmas meal (Thank you, whoever you are!).

My favorite photo is this one of Hyrum, fallen asleep next to the tree with his neck warmer and Jesus doll that I made. Sweet little dreamer!

Until next time,