Thursday, April 23, 2015

Adorable Chicks and Sweet Garden Blooms

Dear Friends,

Yesterday was one of those days when my long, long to-do list turned into "hold Hyrum until his fever subsides." Thank goodness I have lots of helpers to change the water and feed for the chicks and ducks!

We decided that the chicks needed the portraits taken, while they are still somewhat tiny. Some turned out better than others.

Don't you love this hair on this one? We're really hoping it's a hen, and not a rooster like it seems to me.

Our Silkie is a complete sweetheart, that never fusses when she gets picked up.

These two are twin "chipmunks~" We hope that they are Speckled Sussexes.

We're not sure what little Yin/Yan chick is, but she's a sweetie, too.

We think that the gray chick on the left looks like an owl, and the white one looks like a regal eagle!

Lowe's was having a sale on their bedding plants, so we splurged and bought enough for everyone to have several of their own.  Even little Hyrum picked out a pansy for his pot.

This has been "The Year of the Violets" in our yard, but they are quickly coming to an end. Every year we don't get around to making jelly with them, but we certainly have eaten lots in salads and smoothies!

Last abut not least, we proudly introduce our first official music video, featuring an original song written by yours truly (thanks for Tasha for editing it, and for arranging the music). I hope you enjoy it~