Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A New Beginning

I found this in a wonderful book I bought last year called "Bogatsky's Golden Treasury for the Children of God", and wanted to share it today.

January 1st

Hosanna!-Mark xi.9; Ps. cxviii 25-29.

A new sense of time now begins; put up thy Hosanna, O my soul, that the Lord may save, bless and prosper thee. May He grant thee a "Happy new Year" indeed! For this purpose begin it with a dedication of thyself to God. Thy time, circumstances, and life, are in His hand; with faith and love implore His blessings and protection over thee this ensuing year. Begin this, and every following day wih prayer. Let God have thy first thoughts in the mornings; the impression they make will not be easily erased by worldy matters. Grace is promised in the use of means; be thou diligent then, and punctual in the performance of them; let thy daily request be for an increasing knowledge of thyself, and of Jesus Christ in His offices; for a sense of pardoning mercy; for a lively, vigorous faith; for communion wlith the Father and the Son through the Spirit; for true holiness in heart andl ife; for strength and protectino to hold out to the end. Pray for the prosperity of Zion; they prosper that love her. Oh, pray for thy friends and relations, begging the Almighty to take them into covenant relation to Himself; for a blessing on thy worldly affairs; for a sanctified use of health or sickness, prosperity or adversity, as God shall please to send. Perhaps, O my soul, this may be the last year of the Lord's patience, and thy pilgrimage. Is thy state safe? Art thou a real believer in Jesus? Is the oil of grace in thy vessel?
If so thou art prepared for every emergency.

And now, O soul, another year

Of this world's life is past;

I cannot long continue here,

And this may be the last.

Now a new scene of time begins,

Set out afresh for heaven;

Seek pardon for thy daily sins,

In Christ so freely given."

Such beautiful sentiment! The beauty of old language is sometimes overwhelming to me. I hope that I may live up to these sentiments each day of this and every day, living for the Lord, one day at a time.

May you be blessed as well, no matter where your journey may take you.

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