Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Little Garlic, Anyone?

Dear Friends,

This is just a quick post to thank everyone for your kind comments~There is so much to learn about health, but I think that every little thing we can do, adds up to a lot in the end!

Michele mentioned using garlic on the soles of the feet for illness, which is a great idea, too. It's great for small children who can't handle eating the garlic.

We make up a garlic oil by blending olive oil and garlic in the blender, putting it in a jar with cheesecloth on the top for a couple of days (to allow moisture to evaporate), and then strain and bottle. We use this oil, warmed, directly in the ear for earaches, and it can be rubbed on the feet to help fight infections.

If you have an emergency and don't have oil on hand, you can apply olive oil to the soles of the feet, and then chopped garlic mixed with Vaseline (straight garlic tends to blister the skin) after that. To hold your poultice on, cover with a gauze pad and skin tape around the foot.

It sounds complicated, but really isn't, and that garlic gets right in and starts pulling out infections of all kinds, fast. It's good stuff!

Thanks, Michele, for the reminder!

May you and yours be blessed today.



p.s. Here's a little article on garlic from our beloved Dr. Christopher


  1. I remember feeling so tired when my oldest was a baby. I think garlic helped to keep me going back then. I ate so much of it! Thank you for all the information you share here. As you know, I am truly searching now for what it is my body is looking for.


  2. Thank you for the special mention! =)

    I'm so glad I love garlic...mmmm =P

  3. Thanks for posting I will definitely get some of that oil made when we get settled it sounds like a very good thing to have on hand! But then we love garlic here we sometimes just eat them raw :O ~Blessings Heather

  4. I have never heard of putting on your feet. Great idea xoxoox Clarice

  5. Ajo ha sido unos de los condimentos que mas utilizamos aqui en la casa.

    Pero yo nunca lo he usado para beneficio medicinal. Yo si lo tomo en pastillas.

    Gracias, amiga mia, por toda tu informacion.

    Yo visite la website del Doctor Christopher y me inscribe en su newsletter.


  6. Indeed~
    I have heard this before!
    Thank you for the sweet
    reminder about 'garlic.'

    Love~ Miss Jen

  7. oh I have to tell you what I did.
    About a year ago (or more) I was having such sinus pressure and the feeling of 'cotton ears' were so overwhelming that my eyes were tearing up all on their own :)

    I took garlic, sliced off long and thick enough pieces and stuck them in my ears. I wore them in my ears for about two hours and then... for the next eight hours or so my ears and sinus airways felt so wonderful! I repeated this process for about 2 and a half days and then my symptoms were NO more! It was a very quick recovery and with painless symptoms thanks to garlic!

    It was neat because when first inserting the garlic into the ear I heard lots of crackling and popping noise... but it felt good!

    (I tried this particular rememdy with the kids when they were sick, but their skin in their ears is too sensitive to hold fresh garlic against it.)

  8. Dear Marqueta,
    Thanks for the info on garlic. I use a lot of garlic in our cooking:) I knew it was good for you in helping fight infections, but I never heard of putting it on your feet. I'll have to remember that one!
    I started a new blog, I hope you'll come and visit!

  9. I've been reading through your blog and enjoying it very much. We also use the garlic ear treatment, which we have found works well. I haven't tried the garlic foot rub before though. Thanks for sharing.


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