Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Girlhood Home Companion

Dear Friends,

Thank you for coming by our home today~we hope you enjoy your stay!

Today we would like to share with you one of our favorite magazines: The Girlhood Home Companion. Although this magazine is geared toward girls from age 10 to 18, I know a few ladies without daughters who enjoy it, as well!

We have had the opportunity of perusing the holiday edition, which was recently been published, and must say that it is as beautifully done as any of the other issues we have seen. Each issue is filled with godly encouragement for young ladies and their families, and includes well-written articles concerning manners and morals, as well as "how to" articles covering meal planning, serving others, etc. And, to top it off, it has paper dolls! :)

If you haven't been introduced to this wonderful publication already, we think you would enjoy it very much!




God Bless the Commonplace

God bless the commonplace! We strain and fret
Through wearisome and unproductive days,
Striving to carve new destinies, or blaze
A trail through unaccustomed lands. We let
The feverish years possess us, and forget,
In our tense seeking for untrodden ways,
The common heritage, nor care to raise
Altars to dear familiar things-and yet
When shadows lengthen and the busy hum
Of life falls faintly on half-hearing ears,
With vision dimmed and feeble step we come
Back to the homely joys of bygone years--
Love and a hearthstone and a dear worn face,
And through our tears we bless the commonplace.



  1. I had my eye on this magazine for such a long time - and I am SO glad I ordered the holiday edition!!! I love the magazine and my girls are going to love the paper dolls and all the articles. I am so impressed I hope to order the back issues too! :)

  2. oH! it sounds lovely! Do they carry it in bookstores? I'd love to read through :)

  3. Like Emily, I have been thinking of this magazine for awhile for my little granddaughters! They are not quite old enough for it, so I am hoping this magazine will still be around in a year or two. So many nice ones have gone by the wayside!
    Hope your are staying warm and cozy today!
    Christmas Blessings!

  4. Dear friend,

    This magazine is so lovely! I have had my eyes on it also :)

    Unfortunately, my little girl will not be able to comprehend much, but I still would like to share all of this with her.

    Your cat is so pretty - tell me is it a Burman?

    Gracias querida amiga, por visitarme. Me da tanta alegria cuando vienes a verme :)



  5. Oh thanks for sharing I will have to check this out I am sure Anna would enjoy this ~Blessings Heather

  6. dear mama,
    i like the girlhood home companion magazine, too i especially like the paper dolls, even though i would not want to cut it (them) out, because there is pretty stuff (things) on the other side!:)
    i love you and i like you!



  7. Oh my~ :)
    This magazine looks
    Thank you for the
    introduction~ dear friend.
    I may just have to put this
    on my 'wish list'

    Hope you have a BLESSED day!

    Love Always~ Miss Jen

  8. Dear Marqueta, the magazine looks like a beautiful thing to read. I'll have to check into it next week when I have more time. I visited the website yesterday after work. I love the poem. So very true.


  9. Hi Marqueta, how nice it is to have a choice of magazines for 'young ladies' in the US. I fear here in England the emphasis is only on the 'girlie mags' with articles and topics of discussion which are way beyond the imaginations and experience of the little tots that read them. Wishing you and your wonderful family a very happy and peaceful Christmas. Love Eli

  10. Dear Marqueta,
    I would love to get this but am not sure they ship to Australia or if the cost of shipping is too high.
    It looks so wonderful I am sure the girls and I would love it.

  11. I have bought these beautiful magazines before ~ just for me!
    They are so beautiful. You had to tell me this one has paper dolls? I love paper dolls ~


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