Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Tasha Tudor Day!

Dear Friends,

How did you like Audrey's post yesterday? Does she know her mother, or what? I had uploaded a few photos to do a post, but didn't have time to finish, so she thought she'd help me out, and did a smashing job!

Today we quietly celebrated the life of someone whose influence permeates our lives on a daily basis. In fact, of all our many books which had to be packed away, five of those precious few left till last were Tasha Tudor's! We read "Pumpkin Moonshine" out loud together, and Rebecca and I enjoyed "Tasha Tudor's Private World" while rocking on the chair.

We drank tea and enjoyed listening to the meadowlark's sweet song (there are no hermit thrushes to be found here, alas), and took extra time to enjoy our little flower garden (which is nowhere near as exciting as Tasha's, to be sure) and the simple pleasures of "putting up" apples and greenbeans. Tonight after chores we'll watch the documentary "Take Joy", which is a beautiful vignette of Tasha's life.

Tasha Tudor was indeed a private person, loving to be at home puttering in the garden or working on sketches for yet another book. I think that she would be proud, and a little amazed, to know that so many others are learning to "advance in the direction of their dreams" through her example. Thank you to Clarice of Storybook Woods and to Suzanne of Blueberry Cottage for hosting Tasha Tudor Day this year!

Till next time,



p.s. An "apple ice cream" recipe will be forthcoming!
"I used to dread the end of summer. As soon as the goldenrod bloomed it meant I had to go back to school. I hated it! But it's a beautiful time of the year when the southwest wind blows with a distinctive sweet scent and the crickets' chirping starts to slow down and the constellations shift in the night sky."

~Tasha Tudor


  1. Happy Tasha Tudor day. I think Tasha is smiling xoxo Clarice

  2. Ella es una de las personas que yo admiro mucho!

    Thank you for sharing :)


  3. Happy Tasha Tudor Day to you as well! I always enjoy visiting you here where you are always doing something special and lovely! I love The Private World of Tasha was the book that I found quite by accident and started my tasha love affair. Happy greetings to you and your dear family!~

  4. Happy Tasha Tudor Day. I could not participate today. Working. Sigh. I did at least take a stroll through the garden. And, joy of joys, this past weekend I found a 1941 copy of A Tale for Easter!


  5. Dear mrquetta,
    I am glad you had a happy Tasha Tudr day. We still have ours to do.
    My first book after the illustrated Stephenson poems was Drawn from New England. I love this book.
    Look forward to sharing our day soon

  6. Dear ♥Mami♥~,
    I l♥ve the p♥st just as much as I l♥ve y♥u - even m♥re!:)
    Y♥u are the best mama ever!
    I l♥ve y♥u and I like y♥u!

  7. The goldenrod is in bloom here right now and I've been enjoying how bright and cheery it is. You've just reminded me that I've been wanting to watch the Tasha Tudor documentary - a friend told me about it quite some time ago because she thought I would enjoy it but I'd forgotten about it. Thank you.

  8. Dear Mama,
    I love you and I like you!

  9. This is beautiful


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