Monday, December 27, 2010

We Had a Ball This Christmas. . .

. . . Actually more like hundreds of balls :) . It was a sweet, old-fashioned Christmas, with cups of mulled cider, homemade cookies and kolaches (from an old family recipe), lots of singing,

Dressing up to go to church,

And even a little snow thrown in for good measure!

The older girls gave us their annual performance of dances from The Nutcracker,

And Frankie and Evangeline dreamed up some summer-time camping adventures in their new ladybug tent!

Grandma Graham made matching nightgowns (or pajamas) and pillow cases for everyone in the family (That's a whole lot of sewing!),
 And Santa Claus brought a roomy new abode for the small dolls.

The weather has been cloudy and cold lately, so when the sun came out today, we did some exploring just up the street from us. . .

. . .and found a little stream flowing under the ice!

How wonderful to have a little bit of nature to escape to, and to look forward to lots of frog, lizard, toad, snake, and turtle-hunting come spring!

May the Lord bless and keep you this week, and may you have fully recovered from Christmas by the week's end! :)




  1. Dear Momma,
    The balls are so colorful and fun to play with~ and little Beckie seems to be enjoying them, also!
    Frankie looks very sharp-dressed in the picture. I wish the snow had stayed for Christmas :(. I love the dollhouse! Happy 2011 soon!

    ~Graham Sisters

  2. Looks like it was a very blessed Christmas day in your home....thats wonderful...wishing you more blessings for the New year....Shelley

  3. Marqueta, what a lovely Christmas for you and your family! You created beautiful times to treasure. The children look very sweet in their church outfits. It's nice to see little ones dressed up so well!
    God bless..Trish

  4. Hello! I'm Matthew and I'm from Brazil! a happy 2011!!Blessed!

  5. Oh I love seeing your sweet family xoxoox Clarice

  6. Beautiful photos, the kids look so adorable. What a doll house! Oh I know the girls are just going to love it. What a great family. Love you guys!

  7. You had a blessed Christmas dear friend...the children looked so adorable in their church outfits :)

    Happy New Year dear one.



  8. Everyone looks wonderful. It looks like you all had a very nice old fashioned Christmas indeed!! Love the new doll house. Can't wait to see the dolls moving in ;) ~Enjoy the rest of your holiday ~Happy New Year Love Heather

  9. Marqueta,

    I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas. The nighties and pillowcases such fun.

    We had a wonderful one as well visited grandma and some friends we havent seen in a while and just love being together as a family.

  10. Dear Marqueta,

    How could you resist picking up that sweet baby! I bet she didn't stay in that basket long! :)

    I love your Christmas pictures and stories. Your children are beautiful!

    Love and hugs,

  11. MARQUETA! I AM THE ONE who is enchanted here! WOW!!! You have harp music, you love Jesus, your header is a cottage, and you love the stay-at-home life! I am so happy that you visited me today; I am just getting to the computer now. May we encounter more of each other's worlds in 2011!!!! Please come back this weekend, Anita

  12. Lovely photos of your Christmas! By the way...a Merry Christmas to you and your family! :)


  13. What a wonderful whimsical world your girls get to grow up in. (I love the ladybug tent) They are having the best childhood possible. PJ's hand sewn by grandmother? Wow! How wonderful. Thank you for letting us step inside your wonderful Christmas world and taking us back to a much sweeter time when we were "they". Your girls are so precious. *hugs*

  14. glad to hear you all had such a happy christmas! I wish we had a bit of your snow! Everyone looks happy and sweet :)

  15. Marqueta,

    It looks like you had a lovely Christmas! I hope you have a blessed new year!!!!

    I LOVE the name of your new home! I could not believe how many Robins you had in your yard!

    Love, Heather

  16. I am just catching up here. Oh, what a lovely Christmas you had with your little ones. Those were the best times, when mine were so young and wide eyed! You are going to love having a creek. Ours runs right through the property and my boys spent many an hour catching crawdads, tadpoles and the like. Turtles of all sorts, just beautiful shells! We would keep them as pets for a few hours , then set them free. It looks like you have found a perfect home.


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