Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Tree Year~ Following Majestic


Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for coming by and visiting today; your comments and well wishes always mean so much to us!

We were invited by a friend to participate in "The Tree Year" this year, sponsored by this blog. To participate, one has to choose a tree that they would like to "follow" throughout the year, and share with others.

I thought this would be a wonderful thing to do with our Osage Orange (whom I named Majestic), since I have felt very drawn to her while living here. I purchased a journal at the dollar store, labeled it, and have made it a goal to write in it at least once a week. The first week went well (with great plans of making bark rubbings, sketches, etc.), but now I'm realizing I'm two weeks behind, so I'd though I'd do a blog post to at least keep track of all the photos I've taken!

I have found journaling about something to be an incredible experience in examination, both for things observed on the outside, and that which we observe inwardly about ourselves. There is something magical about taking the time to center ourselves and put our thoughts onto paper. The thoughts become tangible things that help us see things in a clearer light. "Following" a tree has been no exception, and I am looking forward to seeing how the year unfolds for my special tree.

I'd like to invite all of you, too, to choose a special tree or plant that grows nearby you, and keep a special journal just for it, for at least a few months. You could also share your findings at "The Tree Year", and see what others have done.

Till next time,



p.s. My father wrote an article about Osage Oranges here.


  1. what a wonderful idea!!! I Love this! And of course, such beautiful photo!

  2. This is an excellent idea Marqueta!

    I don't have too many trees by me...but willows are abundant in my little garden. :-)


  3. Great photos of that bark!

  4. what a wonderful idea!! It will be interesting to see the seasons and the friends that visit :) ~ Happy Journaling ~Love Heather

  5. Marqueta, thank you so much for this. I'm thinking I've seen this idea in Jane Lambert's nature study guides. She the author of the Five In A Row curriculum that we love so much. I need to pull out my nature journals. You are such an inspiration to me in the nature department! I will follow with you, as soon as Michaela and I decide upon a tree to follow. I am glad you are enjoying your trees. When I was far from here, in Arizona for a summer, I missed our trees in a very real way.


  6. Hi Marqueta!
    Found your blog again since Ive been back to blogging.
    yay :)

  7. Dear Mami,
    I like doing this<3:]
    The squirrels like Majestic!

    I Love you & I Like you.

    Love ~ Tasha

  8. Marqueta~
    What a lovely idea! I am not writing a journal, but I am carefully watching a very old Big Leaf Maple that we had severly *pruned* (by an old logger!). It had some disease and was in a state of rapid decline. Now there is only a (very large and tall) stump which we hope will send out new branches this spring! We have seen others do with with great success. Here's hoping it wasn't too late for our friend!

  9. Great to see your tree Marqueta, It looks beautiful and I'll look forward to seeing how it changes throughout the year.
    Love to you,
    Lucinda xxx

  10. what a fun idea! and a beautiful tree as well. Our trees are just two little twigs that we planted a couple of years ago. Lol, someday they'll make shade!

  11. What a wonderful idea, very Charlotte Mason xoxoxo Clarice

  12. Marqueta,
    How nice to meet you!! I so enjoyed exploring your blogs and your writings :-)
    I am looking forward to visiting you again very soon.
    Many Blessings Linnie
    (Pollyanna Glad)!

  13. This is a wonderful idea, Marqueta!
    I think I'll try to journal one of our old trees. I do take photos during the changing seasons but haven't written an account of the changes.
    Sounds like fun and something lovely to do :-)
    bless you..Trish


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