Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dear Friends,

Thank you for coming by our cottage today; we have the heater going and a pot of tea, just for you!

As unbelievable as it seems after such a hot summer, we are going to have freezing temperatures here in Missouri. Time to bring in the houseplants from their summer vacation outside!

Just a few days ago, we were enjoying the beautiful blue skies of Indian Summer~ Perfect for an at-home picnic (note the blanket on the lawn). 

We also enjoyed hiking at Cave Spring Monument in Kansas City, which is part of the Santa Fe Trail. We are amazed at the history which is all around in this area!

We have also been helping out at our favorite thrift store, and rescuing cast-off linens and dolls (we named this lady Marie Antoinette, while she waits for a new elastic to re-attach her head)~

Today we made baked tortilla chips by cutting corn tortillas into wedges, coating them with oil, then baking int he oven at 350 tll crisp. They're so much better than store-bought!

(They of course met with approval of the kitchen clean-up crew, but that's not saying much!)

We painted a picture of Mrs. Dashwood, to which we are going to add the words "Calm. We must be calm." as a reminder to not rush throughout our day~

And we found a lovely blue fascinator to add to our vintage collection of hats~

And last, but not least, may we introduce you to Fatty Bolger, our resident ground hog, who loves sunflowers as much as we do! He has proven himself a dynamo at squeezing under shed doors and removing the lids off of chicken feed buckets, even with "heavy" bricks on top! But he is so cute, we can't get too mad at him, can we?

We hope that this week brings many blessings to you, our dear friends. Your comments and friendship mean so much to us!




  1. I could never be mad at Fatty Bolger! He just wants some grub, like everybody else..

  2. My Sweet friend, what a beautiful hat you are wearing. Those were the days when women used to feel fully dressed with a hat :-)

    Your resident critter is cute, but I am sure quite destructive...we had one of those in the garden when we first moved in. We called a gentleman that trapped him and set him loose on the other side of the river.

    And yes, it is cold. Here in the mountains, we are experiencing freezing temps at night also, but being quite busy, I have yet to bring in the plants that I will be keeping through the winter.

    Long comment - yikes!

    Have a blessed week mi querida amiga :-D


  3. I love the fat groundhog and blue fascinator! The hat is absolutely amazing and I would have picked it myself!

  4. Oh, Marqueta~
    Your post are so enjoyable! Even if I am feeling a bit blue, you can cheer me up and put a smile on my face ~ oh, that Fatty Bolger! The little stinker! But so charming at the same time!
    And speaking of charming ~ oh goodness gracious! I love your beautiful blue fascinator! IT. IS. PERFECT!
    Your painting of Mrs. Dashwood looks very smart hanging on the blue wall.
    MMMM! I'm with your kitchen clean up crew ~ homemade tortilla chips!
    How fun to find little treasures while at your thrift shop. Such a delightful way to serve others.
    I'm afraid I do get mixed up with your gilrs' names ~ is that Evangeline in the photo? It is so sweet ~ I thought it was a painting at first glance. I love picnics any time of year!
    Thank you for reminding me to bring in my house plants! I have a few transplanted aloes that need to come in!
    Thank you, too, for the warm welcome and the spot of tea ~ they were just what I needed!

  5. Ohhh Fatty what a cutie! Hee hee! His feet!! hee
    Lady Marie Antoinette is relieved I'm sure to have found her way to your rescue, and ooo the linen!
    What a great painting of Mrs Dashwood!
    Now, your Lovely hat gets the "best of" VOTE from me!
    And the chips look ever yummy!
    Blessings and Lots of Love,

    I'm glad you enjoyed the post package ;-D

  6. o how I wish I really could sit down in your cottage with a warm pot of tea. I love coming here. You really should write a book! Always a delightful visit! ps: love the fascinator

  7. I love you hat! Very attractive indeed. Naming the doll Marie Antionette made me laugh, fortunately for her she can have her head reattached unlike the original Marie! Hope you are staying warm!

  8. Lovely pictures...we enjoy homemade tortilla chips too!


  9. Hello, my dear friend--I have been cathing up on your posts this morning. I hope you are all staying warm as the temperatures drop. Love the groundhog photo! Looking forward to a new missive soon.

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