Saturday, November 10, 2012

November Blessings

Dear Friends,

Our little garden is getting ready for winter's rest, although the peas believe they'll have lots of time to start setting fruit!

We noticed that one of the apples we picked looked a little familiar. . .  

Ah yes, it looks like a dove!

We love the "imperfections" of nature that are so whimsical~ They show us that God has a sense of humor!

Speaking of whimsical, we found these radishes dancing away in the soil of our garden~ Perhaps an underground Pied Piper passed through?

The geraniums in our window are cheering us on cloudy, blustery days,
and the yard is full of the twitterings of birds in the morning, making this time of year a favorite, indeed.

Our cat Senora would love to be out watching the birds, too, but we know better!

We hope that you take time each day to slow down and observe the natural world around you; there are wonders on every hand, great and small!
May the Lord bless us as we approach the quiet time of the year, when the earth takes a well-earned rest.




  1. Isn't this time a lovely time for us ALL to rest - including the world? I am thankful for it! We received over a foot of snow yesterday!!! And it seems the whole world around us is enveloped in a "hush". You always have such lovely photos! Have a blessed Sabbath. We received the doll letters today! Now the dolls here are busy writing back :)

  2. A beautiful post Marqueta....there are wonders on every hand, great and small.... indeed...blessings dear sweet friend

  3. Isn't it amazing how each month is so unique and different. ~Great pictures Love Heather

  4. Beautiful post...and I couldn't agree more with the sentiments expressed.
    I have so been enjoying the Autumn colours. Trying to photograph birds is hard, though without a telephoto lens.
    Love to you all!
    xxx Alex

  5. As always, I so enjoy your blog posts. You have beautiful photos, too. Thanks for the reminder to get up close to our natural world around us

  6. Yes, God has a wonderful sense of humor,all one needs to do is look at a frog! The apple "dove" is another joyful example. I love this quiet time of year.

  7. Always wonderful pictures. I love autumn with the feeling of rest and nesting. I love how the birds come in and crowd the back porch feeders in the winter they haven't quite felt the urge yet but will soon. The squirrals are digging and planing their winter meals. Ashley and I watched one this morning digging away for a good ten minutes. Such fun to watch.


  8. Dear Mama,

    This post is a bundle of delicious fall delights ☺! That's all there is to it!

    I love you! Love, Audrey

  9. A lovely post with your photographs. I have enjoyed seeing your autumn days and amazing sunsets. It is good to enjoy a walk on days like this and discovering the colours of nature. Your children must love seeing the birds and watching things grow in your garden and of course getting to eat them. I think they are having a wonderful childhood surrounded by nature.

  10. Love the bird photos, your cat is so sweet. Lovely to visit your blog, catherine x

  11. Marqueta, the pictures are glorious! I love watching the little birds getting ready for the cold weather. And my that is a strange apple!

  12. What beautiful images and observations Marqueta. Lovely

  13. Dear Marqueta,
    The pink sky is so beautiful, gorgeous!

    Glad your garden is producing. I've got to post some pictures of my harvest from yesterday.

    Aren't birdies the sweetest thing to sit and watch?

    Happy Friday to you:)
    my new place:

  14. Lovely post!
    ♥ the bird photos.


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