Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Around the Cottage

 Dear Friends,

A happy day to all of you! We're enjoying some balmy weather here in Missouri, which is great for getting outside and breathing fresh air (never mind all the mud coming back in the house!). The field behind our house has been filled with Canada geese, mowing the grass as well as a flock of sheep. The grass should be well-fertilized next spring!

Have you been working on any New Year's Resolutions this year? One of mine was to write down all of the songs that I have drifting around in my head, so other people can actually play them; AnnaMarie caught me in the act, while taking a break from housework~ 

 Who knows, we may be the next Big Thing! ;)

Speaking of big things, we actually have a schedule for our schooling, which started up for us New Year's Day. So far, everyone's doing well, adjusting to checking off specific assignments instead of picking up information here and there.

Here are some of the books we're using; nice and simple!
(Note that AnnaMarie is studying from a driver's education manual~ My Baby Doll is growing up way too fast!)

 We of course have left ourselves lots of room to be creative and play, which seems to be what we're best at, after all~

We'll leave you with a beautiful sunset, and a wish for all good things to come your way.




Prayer for a Little Home

God send us a little home,
To come back to, when we roam.

Low walls and fluted tiles,
Wide windows, a view for miles.

Red firelight and deep chairs,
Small white beds upstairs-

Great talk in little nooks,
Dim colors, rows of books.

One picture on each wall,
Not many things at all.

God send us a little ground,
Tall trees stand round.

Homely flowers in brown sod,
Overhead, thy stars, O God.

God bless thee, when winds blog,
Our home, and all we know.

~Florence Bone


  1. Dear Margueta,
    It is such a beautifl and comforting world I see here... You and your family have a piece of heaven on earth..

  2. Marqueta, you do have plenty of animal friends, don't you! Isn't it nice to get back to the everyday-ness after the holidays. The children look like they have a full schedule.

  3. Don't you think Canada geese are beautiful and elegant?

    A good start to the year so far for you, by the looks of things :)
    A pleasure to visit you, as ever!
    Take care,
    xxx Alex

  4. "When things blog" is right! You know you're a die-hard blogger when...! Thanks yet again!

  5. You can write songs and educate your children and look so nice all at the same time. If I could only master one of those. I've watched your family grow through the years and it is hard for me to believe that your children are getting old enough to learn to drive. Is there a special herb to calm down mothers of beginner drivers?

  6. Sweet post as always dear the picture of you....good for Anna Marie :)

  7. What a sweet poem and I love the candid shot of you busily writing out your tune :D We had a tough week of homeschooling mostly due to the kids strongly resisting the structure I had is a fine balance isn't it. I really need to get them outside more and I started up their nature study again. My resolution is to paint and draw more!! I really must do it I have been wanting to paint horses big surprise right hehehe. Well enjoy your warm up and the pictures are wonderful Take Care Love Heather

  8. How nice to have a break from the snow and ice cold. Good luck on your new schedule. Keep trying a tweaking. HSing is an every moving thing. Clarice

  9. I love that you are using old books to teach from. I love Pirates and Pathfinders and all the old readers. We use a lot of them in our homeschool.

  10. Marqueta,

    I love the geese we should in the next few weeks start seeing baby geese roaming the fields with their parents. I love watching them roam and graze.

    We have red clover already blooming on the roadsides here. Usually that is the first sign of spring around here.



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