Tuesday, October 7, 2014

'Twas the Wee Laddie's First Birthday

Dear Friends,

Can you believe a year has gone by since little Hyrum made his entrance into the world? He is already walking like he's done it all his life, and is a little ball of energy, getting into everything already. We won't be bored any time soon!

For his birthday celebration, we visited a nearby historical village called Missouri Town 1855. They were having an autumn festival, so we were able to witness cider-pressing, sorghum-making, apple butter-stirring, blacksmithing, and lots of musicians playing fiddles and dulcimers. Two of the volunteers there told us we need to come out and do some reenacting, since we were already dressed the part!

We fell in love with these hand-made dulcimers, and plan on buying on once we save up a "few" pennies (Tasha wants one made from Sycamore wood)~

Hyrum enjoyed getting up and personal with horses and oxen, since he loves animals but doesn't get to see them much in the city.

It was a cold and blustery day, and the birthday boy needed a nap, but we surely enjoyed the old-time atmosphere, and we do plan on learning more about becoming volunteers.

There are several buildings which have been lovingly transported and restored from around Jackson County. We loved being inside them, especially with cozy fires burning in the fireplaces.

Becky had fun with this horse, too, till she discovered its pick-pocketing tendencies!

My father had a dream of owning a string of mules to use for hunting expeditions, so they hold a special place in my heart. These mules were very patient with all the work they had doing tours~

Old dolls that were loved by a wee miss a long time ago~

We pray that you are having a wonderful autumn, dear friends. Thank you for celebrating little Hyrum's first birthday with us!




  1. Lovely! Hyrum is looking more like you, I think, as he grows up! What a fun day!

  2. Dearest Marqueta,
    What a LOVELY LOVELY day spent with the Birthday boy! All of the sights and sounds from another time :-)
    I can not believe how fast little handsome Hyrum has grown!!! Such a sweetypiel !!
    Blessings and Love Linnie

  3. What a fun day you had! Happy Birthday indeed to little Hyrum ~ so cute. First birthdays are very special.
    You all fit into the scene perfectly with your sunbonnets! It does look like a 'brisk' Autumn day, but lovely
    I love historical re~enactment type days, (not so much the battles...my husband is interested, tho') but domestic things.
    There used to be a Tudor day in Sir Francis Drake's beautiful old house near Plymouth..we learnt to do Tudor dances, saw huge pies being made in the fantastic kitchens, listened to lutes, made pot pourri and learnt all about the charming medicinal herb garden..
    So glad you all enjoyed your day! May there be many more like that.

  4. How precious he looks Marqueta :) Happy Birthday dear boy! May Our Lord continue to bless you with many, many more... Maria

  5. What a gorgeous post. I feel like I just stepped back in time. Beautiful memories being made for your sweet family.

  6. This was a happy post...much love to you too..xoxo

  7. What a nice place to visit for a birthday celebration. Yes, that year past very quickly my dear. Your sweet babe is growing fast, as they all do :( , but such is life......we must treasure each and every day as they pass all to fast. Blessings


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