Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas is Coming!

Dear Friends,

Christmas is fast approaching, once again! It seems like we just put the trappings of last year's festivities away, yet indeed it has been another year gone by.

The tree is occupying its regular place, bringing joy to hearts young and old~

And the cats are making themselves handy as portable Christmas ornaments~

AnnaMarie is still busy making gorgeous hair decorations for the rest of us. She is also studying hair cutting from home, which will be an extra blessing for the menfolk of the family!

We've been squeezing in last-minute gifts, and planning when and where to bless the elderly at nearby nursing homes.

St. Nicholas Day ushers in the Christmas season, and we enjoyed putting out our boots with carrots in them for St. Nicholas' horse.

May you enjoy a season of love and joy, and find time in your busy schedule to ponder the gift of the Christ, which makes life possible.




  1. It must be so much fun around your house this time of year. That is one gorgeous braid! Happy belated St. Nicholas Day!


  2. So lovely..and you are celebrating St. Nicholas Day like in Holland :)

    Wishing you a a Christmas filled with love and laughter..xoxo
    T.D and Company

  3. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!! Love, Lynn


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