Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Saying Goodbye to My Garden

Dear Friends,

We have begun looking for a home that will be more suitable to our growing family's needs. That means digging up all the plants that I don't want to be destroyed when someone new moves in who will most likely want a nice green lawn!

I have left behind several little garden patches as we've moved around, and I must admit that it is harder to leave the garden than the house itself. There is something magical about working the soil and tending to green things that have a life of their own.

So for now, the most desirable plants I've put in pots, hoping that we'll move quickly so they can be in our next home (that hopefully will be the last move we ever have to make, Lord willing!). I've also given away lots of plants to friends, hoping that they also will prosper in their new homes.

Here's to the next garden in life!



To a Garden—On Leaving It

Sweet garden! peaceful spot! no more in thee
Shall I e'er while away the sunny hour.
Farewell each blooming shrub, and lofty tree;
Farewell the mossy path and nodding flow'r:
I shall not hear again from yonder bow'r
The song of birds, or humming of the bee,
Nor listen to the waterfall, nor see
The clouds float on behind the lofty tow'r.

No more, at cool-air'd eve, or dewy morn,
My gliding scythe shall shear thy mossy green:
My busy hands shall never more adorn,

My eyes no more may see, this peaceful scene.
But still, sweet spot, wherever I may be,
My love-led soul will wander back to thee.


  1. I haven't got alot, but when you get your new place, send me your address and I'll send some seeds/small plants - hollyhocks, anise hyssop, lemon balm, calendula, columbine, chocolate mint, soapwort, and anything else I can find that you might like! :-)

  2. I hope that your next place will be what you always dreamed of, Marqueta. and that you'll have a very Tasha Tudor garden.


  3. Dearest Mother,

    That was such a beautiful, bittersweet tribute to your beloved gardens! I love your passion for the flora in our Heavenly Father's creations, and I'm sure in the next life you will have the most glorious garden you could hope for. ♥

    I love you and I like you!

    Love forever,
    your Audrey


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