Thursday, December 7, 2017

An Autumn Wild Plant Video

Dear Friends,

I finally have gotten around to putting up a video on Youtube for the first time since moving. In it I explore the plants and trees growing along our small backyard fence.





  1. I enjoyed your video. Solved the mystery of what some of the plants along my fence line are. I can't tell you how many times I ave jumped back when I thought I had gotten into poison ivy, and then discovered upon closer
    inspection it was a box elder plant. We used to have a lot of box elder bugs around here, but I haven't seen any in the last couple of years. I was happy to find a baby tulip poplar tree growing in our fence line, I am not sure where, or if, I would like to plant it in our yard, but I will have to move it from where it is when the weather warms up again, and replant it in a temporary place until I decide what I want to do about it.

  2. good morning, I enjoyed your video
    Have awesome weekend Kathy

  3. Thank you, Marqueta. I so enjoy learning all about plants from you!


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