Thursday, October 11, 2018

Somebody Had a Birthday

Dear Friends,

Someone special had a birthday this month! Someone who loves dinosaurs, and knows how to say all of their names (we made a T-Rex head for his cake at his request).

Someone who also LOVES our ducks, especially since they don't run away like the chickens do, which makes them easy to catch. And they kind of look like dinosaurs....

Someone who helped me build a duck house out of pallets to keep the ducks safe and sound (and who loves playing he's a duck in the house, as well).

Happy 5th birthday, Hyrum!




  1. Happy Birthday Hyrum! I love your dinosaur cake! ♥

  2. time flies..wishing you lots and lots of fun and laughter...Blessing Dearest !

  3. Awww, Happy Birthday to Hyrum! Can you believe?? 5?? How can it be? I wish I could be nearer to you and learn some herbal medicine from you. I want to learn all I can about halting/reversing osteoporosis for the women in my family, including myself! Miss you and the old days. Love you! xxLynn

  4. Your son is a happy lad. The ducks look solid and lovable for playing his "pretend." What a nice house the ducks have with a whole row of window light.


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