Monday, January 19, 2009

Of Birthdays and Things

Dear Reader,

We're so glad you've come by today-It's beautiful outside, and we'll be headed out soon to air dry our laundry (At least some of the way, it's still cold!), but we thought we'd drop a line here first.

We had a fun pre-birthday party for Evangeline on Saturday, who will be a big four-year-old tomorrow. Her Grandma Graham made her an adorable Amish dress and apron, and matching doll, which she will not part with for love or money!
Her sisters made her a lovely cake, made from berries, bananas, coconut, cashews, and dates. Yummy but oh, so rich!

Her other grandma came out and gave her a purse full of goodies, and her uncle gave her some fun books. We've been so blessed to have her sweet little spirit in our home and lives these past few years.

Happy birthday, Rosebud Dolly Doodles!

Cowboy Frank received some new duds for an early birthday present.

It's a rug, it's a mop, it's a poodle!

Now that we've had our party, it's back to fun and learning (And cleaning~Audrey found this heart in her mop water)~~~~

And learning how to work marionettes (Like all Tasha Tudor afecionados, we harbor marionette show fantasies!)

And practicing our drawing, so we can illustrate that book we've been working on for the last three years!

And taking time to enjoy a good read (With a built-in homeschool lesson on bees!)~~

And just being ourselves (in various incarnations)!

Well, "Hang clothes while the sun shines", as they say~~~Thanks again for visiting, and we pray that you and yours will be blessed in whatever your day holds for you.





  1. Marqueta, I love your pictures today, and the nature drawings are so pretty. You inspire me to push a little harder. Nature drawings are really something I want to incorporate very regularly, but I've not found my balance with it yet -- want to include it, not getting it done. Thanks for the inspiration. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!


  2. dear mami,
    it was fun at evangelines party!!!
    i love you and i like you!!!!!!

  3. I love all the pictures and all the creativity!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you for your comments, everyone!

    Debbje, what lovely songs you sing! How creative.

    And Lynn, I'm glad you were inspired to draw nature. It surely is easy to get out of the habit, isn't it? May we both get lots of drawing time in.

    And lastly, my sweet girls. Thanks for being my biggest fans!


  5. Dear Marqueta,
    I enjoyed all the lovely photos and your sweet writings!!! The drawings are so beautiful... you are quite the artist!!!

    What a beautiful, happy and creative home life you all have!

    I enjoyed my new issue of MaryJane's magazine too!

    Do you have a new poodle? We love our sweet Pearl the poodle, she has black fur too!

    Have a blessed day,
    Love, Paula


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