Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Top o' The Morning to Ya!

Dear Reader,

Thank you so much for coming to visit! We've been having a lovely day here at Merry Hearts Cottage, making sure that our garments have at least a bit o' green, to prevent the dreaded pinches from happening.

And of course, we started off the day with a nice Green Smoothie, and made a deluxe green salad for lunch!

AnnaMarie made this from a rosette and a yo-yo to represent a daffodil.

We did not realize that shamrocks have such lovely flowers!
AnnaMarie's dolls courteously invited the other dolls over for a little party at their house. Everyone was on their best behavior, till . . .

Ken showed up in his oh-so shocking attire, and spoiled everything (Now you know why we do not usually allow our children to play with Barbies!). And to think he was in the presence of no less than Benjamin Franklin himself!

We have been learning the history of the Irish potato, which is very fascinating, and reading "A Voyage From Ireland: Fiona McGilray's Journey to America".

We hope you had a wonderful day!


“May God give you...For every storm a rainbow, for every tear a smile, for every care a promise and a blessing in each trial. For every problem life sends, a faithful friend to share, for every sigh a sweet song and an answer for each prayer.”~Irish Blessing

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