Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dear Reader,

A very merry day to you today! Thank you so much for coming to visit again, and for all your kind comments. We have "met" so wonderful friends from all around the world. As Anne Shirley said, "I'm beginning to think that kindred spirits are not so rare after all."

We are very glad that we had our sunny days earlier this week, for it is raining now, and rain is forecast for the remainder of the week. At least we will not be tempted to overdo it in the garden today, and our sunburns will have a chance to heal.

On Tuesday we went and picked the cottonwood buds we told you about, and realized that it takes an awful lot of buds to make anything out of them! We picked what seemed like a lot, but when we got them home and separated them from the twigs to which they were attached, we only had about 1/3 cup for making oil. They certainly smell heavenly, though! We hope that the oil will smell just as good.

Have you ever noticed how wonderful poplar and cottonwood leaves smell, when they are just opening up? They rank right up there with line-dried laundry!

The Collectors (My mum came to help)

(What's AnnaMarie running from? A bee in her bonnet?)

Cottonwood buds weren't the only things gathered!

Poor Frankie was excited to go on an outing, but . . .

...Fell asleep before we arrived, and missed the whole thing!

Speaking of smelling good, we disliked the thoughts of our lovely Christmas fir tree being burned up with the weeds, so we harvested as many needles as we could to use for making pillows. We also were fortunate enough to find lots of cattail fluff at the river where the cottonwoods were, for stuffing the fir needle pillows.

Harvesting fir needles by the burn barrel.

We have been enjoying reading "Anne of Green Gables" together (The second time for me, the first time for the girls), revisiting our favorite "poor little orphan girl" and her domestic adventures. We love all the little housekeeping hints that are thrown in among the story, as Marilla is teaching Anne how to be "proper".

We'll share some with you here:
"Now, Anne, I noticed last night that you threw your clothes all about the floor when you took them off. That is a very untidy habit, and I can't allow it at all. As soon as you take off any article of clothing fold it neatly and place it on the chair."

"Yes, you may wash the dishes. Take plenty of hot water, and be sure you dry them well."

"Breakfast is waiting. Wash your face and comb your hair. Leave the window up and turn your bedclothes back over the foot of the bed. Be as smart as you can."

"You haven't scalded the dish-cloth in clean hot water as I told you to do."

"You've got to keep your wits about you in cooking and not stop in the middle of things to let your thoughts rove all over creation. Now, get your patchwork and have your square done before tea-time."
Such good advice! I wish I'd had a "Marilla" to teach me the right way to do things when I was young!

Thanks again for popping by, and may you have a blessed day. Till next time!




  1. Sounds like you had a fun (if not profitable) day on Tuesday! I didn't know you could make anything from cottonwood buds! And, oh, what a good idea to save the fir needles! I will have to remember that for next year.
    I remember reading Anne and watching the movies with my girls. What fun!
    Thanks for the ideas!

    p.s. Oh, by the way, your new header is precious!

  2. I love Anne of Green Gables! Lucy Maud Montgomery is my fav. author!

    It looks like it was a fun outing! We also had a two warm sunny days and then the wind blew in a rainy storm. I am longing the sunshine again and being able to be outside with the flowers and the blue skies!

    Have a beautiful day!

  3. I love the new header you have for your sweet...and it looks like Frankie definatly has sisters with the ponytails in his Ethan knows that all too well.

  4. Looks like a fun time and such wonderful memories for your children. Well, except Frankie, but I'm sure he was having sweet dreams, and he'll get his turn soon.

    I can't wait to hear how you're oil turns out.


  5. Duh. I mean your oil. I've been gardening all day and I just plain tired. Happy, but tired. :)



  7. What great fun you had :) It is such a joy to have your beautiful children around you and your mother also. Thank you for sharing a bit of Anne Shirley - she is one of my favoriate characters. My daughter and I are the only girls in this household, so we enjoy reading about her.

    Thanks so much for sharing your day with us...

    Lady M

  8. Marqueta ~
    When you visited The Garden, you asked about a painting. It is called Spring Flowers and the artist is Arthur Hacker.
    Easter Blessings!

  9. dear mama,
    it was so fun collecting rocks on tuesday
    i love you
    ~ tasha

  10. DEAR MAMA,

  11. That picture of the boy and the dog is adorable. I love how you displayed it so nicely with the bird nest.


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