Friday, April 24, 2009

Who Has Seen the Wind?

Who has seen the wind?
Neither I nor you.
But when the leaves hang trembling,
The wind is passing through.

Who has seen the wind?
Neither you nor I.
But when the trees bow down their heads,
The wind is passing by.

~Christina G. Rossetti

Dear Reader,

A happy Friday to you! Thank you so much for coming by, and for your precious comments. We are happy today to have Mr. Graham back from Wyoming, where he away on business for the last two days. Somehow life does not seem to flow the same, when all of the family are not at home.

Do not you love the dress in the above painting by Waterhouse? Of course, you and I would have put on a practical apron before stuffing its skirt with windflowers, wouldn't we? And the sleeves would get in the way of flower-picking, as well; but such a lovely combination of pink and white, with such voluminous folds that one could hide twins inside and none would be the wiser!

Here is a better picture of the hummingbird teapot we used for Thursday's Tea, for Lady M~

And here is our cottonwood bud oil (We were able to gather a few more buds last week), sharing the windowsill with our pink geranium. We think it is about done, and that we will make it into an ointment when it is~

The weather is a little chilly to enjoy much yard work, but we can still walk about and check on the progress of the good things growing about the place.

We were excited yesterday to notice a few of the peas we planted peeking up at us, as well as this one, that re-seeded from a pod we failed to harvest last year!

The comfrey is coming up nicely, and we have four nice-sized plants now (This is their third year of growth), so we'll have plenty of greens for blender drinks, and for snacking on (This, believe it or not, was one of my favorite snacks from childhood: Comfrey leaves rolled up so the prickly side was on the inside!)~

We love the Johnny-Jump-Ups that volunteer here, there, and everywhere. They are also called violas, hearts-ease, or Marguerites. They are high in vitamin C, and the flowers are a lovely addition to salads and punch bowls~

We planted some red orach seeds from Baker Creek Seeds last year, and let some plants go to seed. We thought we harvested them all, but were surprised to find large bunches of little red sprouts coming up this spring! Red orach is a lambs-quarter relative, which grows very high and is a very decorative, edible green. Let me know if you want me to save you some seeds from this year's crop!

The multiplier onions we thought we'd killed off have resurrected~

And this appears to be lovage, although we don't remember planting any (Especially so close to the blue hyssop!)~

The girls had the opportunity of doing a little Family History research with their grandma last Sunday, while Frankie and Evangeline were sick. We have a little Pioneer cemetery in the nearby town of Goshen, where our Hess ancestors are buried (Hmm, did Audrey include the spruce cone for size comparison?).

This gravestone was not of an ancestor, but it DID give AnnaMarie an "ominous presentiment"!
Graveyards always give us a sense of profound peace, that when life's trials are over, we will find rest in the Lord, if we are faithful to him.

May you have a wonderful (Even if windy) day wherever you are, and may the Lord's blessings shine down upon you and your loved ones.




  1. Marqueta ~
    I am curious about your cottonwood bud oil. How, or rather, what will you make it into? What will the ointment be used for? And while we are on the subject, do you have any good rescources for shea butter? I am wanting so for making my own deoderant. I have not found any locally so will have to buy some online.
    And I have never tasted red orach but I might like to try growing some if you would like to save some seeds for me. Sounds like it could be ornamental, also.
    Thanks for all the lovely pictures and the stroll through your sprouting garden! I love seeing new little shoots unfold.
    Have a pleasant weekend with hubby at home once again!

  2. dear mama,
    i love you

    I LIKE THE POST!!!!!

  4. Marqueta...

    You are right the dress is beautiful, but an apron is needed :)

    The wild onions brought a smile to my face...we have them growing along our fence-line.

    Tell me, when you began to use tinctures with your children, did you see any reaction? I am a bit apprehansive in using these for my little girl because I am no well versed in the subject.

    Te deseo un dia de mucha paz con tu esposo :)

    Lady M

  5. Marqueta, I love that picture very much. In fact, I love many of the paintings by John William Waterhouse. I think you are correct that an apron is in order. :)

    Can't wait to hear about your ointment. Do tell us more. I enjoy seeing your plants. I used to have a fine patch of lovage, but it just up and died out one year, so I must replant one of these days.

    Happy Saturday to you!

    Your Herb-Loving Sister,


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