Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Of Snow Castles and Pincushions

"Is there any felicity superior to this? I hope so!"

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for stopping by our Merry Hearts Cottage today~It's always nice to have visitors on a cold, blustery day!

Last week's snow is melting off the roof today, but the forecast is calling for -5 degrees tonight, so we'll be bundling up and building up our water supply, in case our pipes freeze again!

We've had several inches of snowfall, which the girls put to good use by creating a snow scene, which they spray painted with food coloring. There was a princess in a tower, a prince, a horse, and a dragon surrounding the castle.

Although the figures quickly became deformed and are now mere shadows of their former selves, the girls had quite an enjoyable time, and spent several hours out in the fresh air.

After Christmas, once the decorations are down, everyone seems to have the urge to make a fresh start of things. Even the small dolls of Bennet Manor put up new paper and carpet in their parlor~Does it not look lovely?

Meanwhile I have been attempting to put to order my sewing and craft supplies, such as embroidery floss~

I thought I would show you this nifty organizer (actually one of several) that my mother made back in the early 1960s~It is simply a piece of cardboard, four inches wide, with "V's" and slits (which hold the tail end) cut into it to hold several skeins of embroidery floss. It is a good way to keep several skeins at hand, without having to search for them.

She even had them grouped by color!

Once we had them organized, of course we wanted to use them, so we started embroidering this pillow case~

And then we thought we could use a new pincushion or two~

The on-the-wall variety~

And the sit-on-a-shelf variety~

This one being by far the most practical, with a built-in needle-holder on top, to prevent losing needles (We have since found some prettier lace, which will replace the lace shown :) ).

We even "pincushioned" this lovely lady, given to us by my mother-in-law~The lady seems to look just a wee bit concerned, however!

Tasha tells me that soon I will only have one pin for each cushion, I'll have so many, and that I should sell some on Etsy! Isn't she droll? :)

Now that we are sufficiently supplied, perhaps we'll move onto doing the pile of mending that has been mysteriously multiplying!

We hope that this new year is getting off to a good start for you, and would like to leave you with this wish from "Mother's Magazine", January 1911~


A Happy New Year

Good appetite, with a determination that the body shall be well nourished to give strength to the soul;

Grace to let go and power to attain; grace to face facts without resentment and the inevitable with cheer; because the inevitable has a radiant heart though we do not always admire its countenance;

Skill in self-adjustment and submission to God's adjustment;

Self-control which is both self-direction and power through repose;

Repose of body and soul that can be likened only to resting in the arms of God;

Nights separated from the day by the gate of prayer;

A simple faith and trust in the midst of life's complexities.

~Charles Poole Cleaves




  1. Happy New Year dear friend! Wishing you all the best throughout this year.

    Loved seeing the wonderful things going on around your house. The snowmen look great! And your embroidery is just lovely!

  2. Dear friend,

    Your pincushions are such fun! Selling them on Etsy doesn't sound like such a bad idea ;-)

    Wishing you a peaceful, healthy and joyful New Year!



  3. Oh I just love all the photos and the pin cushions are great. Kitty model is too cute and I love the little doll things. I really appreciate you sharing a snap shot of your life. Look forward to more!

  4. Anna says the snow people are wonderful and she was very happy to see that she has some of the same small doll furniture your wicker set. How wonderful all those lovely pin cushions I have been thinking of making some myself. I know Anna could use one for all those lovely needles you sent. The embroidery is very lovely~ Happy New Year!!! Kitty looks very dashing in red as well! ~Blessings Heather

  5. Oh, dear! Kitty does not look amused!
    Bundle up and draw the water!
    -5*! Ouch!

  6. Your little kitty cat looks adorable~my girls want to dress our kitty up like that now! Your embroidery is so pretty! You are a very creative woman~I see you are wonderful with a needle and thread.I really enjoy all your posts and love visiting~ God's blessings always, Rose

  7. Marqueta I swear your cat looks just like a picture out of a Puss N' Boots illustration! Keep warm, I think your sending some of your snow my way tonight:-)

  8. Dear Marqueta, I'm working today but am on a break now and wanted to tell you how much I love your post! The kitty cat looks simply splendid in such finery. I love the snow castles and men, and the dollhouse looks exceptional.

    My mom did the same thing with embroidery thread for me, but are you surprised at all?


  9. dear mami, it was fun to put up the wallpaper and fun to make the snow things. we should make another cap for justice!


  10. Dear Marqueta.
    How wonderful to have all that snow.
    I am just loving these pin cusions and the embroidery floss is so easy. I love it when we get great ideas for each other.
    The embroidery is sjust beautifull.

  11. DEAR MAMA,



    AuDrEy <3


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