Friday, January 15, 2010

Why Do You Wear Dresses?

Dear Friends,

A merry day to you! We're so glad you stopped by; it's a rare, sunny day today, so we'll be busily airing our bedding outside, but we thought we'd share this little poem we wrote, after being asked the notorious question, over and over . . . (By the way, we really have been asked if we were pioneers or pilgrims!)~

"Why Do You Wear Dresses?"

by Mrs. Graham
Someone always asks us, wherever we may go,

"Why do you wear dresses?" They always want to know.

"Why do you wear dresses~ are you Pioneers?"

(Do we live in a cabin, back 100 years?)

"Or maybe you are Pilgrims, who came from far away?"

(Perhaps we made a time machine, and traveled here that way!)

"Why do you wear dresses? Why don't you just wear pants?"

We really want to tell them, but we never have a chance.

We wear them for we love them, so swishy when we walk;

So twirly when we're spinning, just as fast as any top.

We'd really like to tell them, but they wouldn't understand.

Why do we wear dresses? Because it feels so FEMININE!

Feel free to share this poem, if you'd like!

Blessings to you,



  1. justice says "so you do want a girl cat?"

  2. dear mama,
    i love to wear dresses:)
    i love you and i like you to.

  3. I loved the poem! So lovely! We get asked it all the time too! lol

    I have to ask dear friend - did you make your apron you are wearing!?! If so, where did you get the pattern? I LOVE it! I would love to make one myself.

    You all look so beautiful and feminine! I applaud you and your wonderful decision to wear dresses! I am so thankful I am not alone!

  4. What a wonderful poem!
    You all look so pretty.
    Hope you are all having a happy day:)

  5. I loved your post so very much Marqueta! Your apron is lovely, did you make it? Warmest wishes to you and your family.

  6. Dear Marqueta, so sweet xoxoxoxo Clarice

  7. Dear Marqueta, that was a beautiful poem! You put it quite nicely, why dresses are so much fun. I love what Tasha Tudor had to say about them. I don't remember word for word, but about how it was a mistake for women to trade in their dresses for pants.

    Your little girls look like princesses, and so do you.




  9. Wonderful poem and beautiful pictures look like they were from the summer when it was warm and the sun was shining. ~Everyone looks so lovely in there twirly girly dresses even Mrs. Kitty :)~Blessings Heather

  10. And you look so sweet and darling in them! I think God is honored by your modest, feminine attire.

    Cute poem, too! =)

  11. I wear skirts all the time (even while gardening, shoveling the snow, etc..) and wish that I had been better at it with my two daughters. I just pray that maybe someday they will follow my example.
    Beautiful post!
    Warm wishes,

  12. I LOVED this!!! We are also a dress/skirt wearing family, and enjoy feeling feminine!

  13. I love it! We should be proud to be ladies and take pride in our dresses :) I'm not sure if its so around where you are, but around here its very common for women to wear dresses and long hair for religious reasons. I just like them because they feel so free!

  14. That is one of the nicest poems I've read for ages and I will be returning to it later in the week as I think it needs a special mention.

  15. Oh, what a wonderful poem and beautiful photos of you and your darlings in lovely, feminine dresses. :) *Love* the picture of your kitty. ;)

  16. Marqueta, that poem is SO CUTE! I love it!


  17. Marquetta, this is just perfect.Dresses are billowy and beautiful and fun. They take lots more fabric than pants and they have a lot more variety of prints and colors. If you have seen one pair of pants you have seen them all. Not interesting. But dresses are endless in variety. Look at all the nations of the whole wide world since the beginning of time until now and you can see the beautiful dresses. From Mongolia to Hawaii, dresses distinguished people.Your dresses certainly distinguish you and your family.

  18. Marqueta, your poem is lovely and is the perfect answer to why I wear dresses. Regarding Lady Lydia's comment about a dresses distinguishing oneself, I have to agree. A few weeks ago I was at an indoor park and lady walked over to me and asked if my son went to a certain school. He did last year but hasn't attended since May 2009. I asked her how she could remember me and she replied that not too many women wear dresses all the time. That was the first time in years that anyone has noticed out loud that I'm always in a dress.

  19. Woohoo! Hooray for Ken, Marqeuta, and family! That was a truly great poem. I will, God willing, pass it on. Thanks for helping keep my dream of marrying such a woman, someday, alive!

  20. By the way, that picture of Tasha is breath-taking.

  21. What a WONDERFUL poem!!! I just found your blog on Miss Jen's blog and I LOVE this poem! I get asked the same question lots of times... I'm going to link to your page right now, so my friends can read about dress-wearing too. :)


  22. God bless you for sharing your lovely poem and pictures!
    I am Cora Beth's mother and we have been wearing dresses for over 15 years. The reason that I started was because I began to see how greatly feminism was ruining my life and causing my unhappiness. Wearing dresses has helped me to end that rebellious nature in me.
    Our most notable comment came from a friend who truly loved the Lord. She said to me one day, about 5 years after I'd begun, "You look so pretty in dresses, Dawn! I just hope and pray that God NEVER CALLS ME TO DO IT! Maybe He was calling her but she just didn't want to hear His voice?????????????
    May God bless you richly,
    Mrs. Dawn Bornemann

  23. I love your poem. I get that question a lot. We are apostolic and so we always wear dresses. I actually had one older gentleman tell me it was refreshing to see a lady in a dress. What a testimony.

  24. Oh dear friend,

    I had not read this post :( But now that I have...I must tell you that it is absolutely perfect!

    I also wear dresses ~ all the time in fact. Even in the coldest of days, and it does get cold here in PA...I find them fun, modest, beautiful, easy to wear and I look well dressed all the time:)

    Oh mi amiga, que felicidad de tener tu amistad!

    Con mucho carino,


  25. Hi Marqueta,
    Your blog reminds me of one that I used to read, but sadly she doesn't write any longer (Jewels from eyesofwonder). I was just talking about her old blog to my husband today and how I missed it. Now the Lord has sent me to yours (I figured out from where...Heather's blog!). I love the aprons (they reminded me of ones that I had seen on Jewels' site) and the denim dresses two of your girls have on in the walk in the woods. Are they T-shirt dresses? I'm itchin' to sew tomorrow!

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