Monday, March 22, 2010

Welcome Spring!

Dear Friends,

Thank you for coming to our home today~ Do you like Liberty's new spring gown (He borrowed it from Elsie Dinsmore)? He does not appear to be too sure about it!

Saturday was such a sunshine-filled day, we thought we'd go down to our favorite pond (which was still ice) for a nature walk, and to see if the cottonwood buds were ready to pick~

Last year's cattails are still full of fluff!
If we'd remembered a shovel, we could have harvested their roots to bake like potatoes.

Although it was a little breezy, it was still perfect picnic weather (no yellow jackets, flies, or ants :) )!

The ice on the edge of the pond had formed many beautiful crystals.

Have stick will travel~

Watching the geese on the river~

Meanwhile, back at the cottage, the hens have been picking up on egg production, giving Frankie a chance to play Little Amish Boy :)~

And the packing continues, with no word yet on any new jobs (But still plenty of faith that we'll find something soon!). We're going through fabric and clothing, and really wishing that rag-pickers still existed~ We'd be wealthy, indeed! We can't help but think what the Ingalls family would think, if they were here helping us sort our possessions. Would they be happy for us that we have so many material possessions, or would they pity us for all the work we've created for ourselves? :) To think of not having cds, tapes, records or dvds, nor a computer, printer, and accessories, or boxes of family photos to organize and keep in a safe place! Nor all the appliances that they would not have known what to do with!

We hope in our move to be able to cut back on many possessions, as nice as it is to have them. We remember what Thoreau (or was it Emerson) said: "Our possessions possess us". It is so true, isn't it? It truly IS a gift to be simple and free!

We'd like to share this little bit of a story that we have been enjoying in the "Mother's Magazine", June 1879. It seemed to apply to us at this time!


"On a lovely morning late in April, four Virginia children were out in the woods enjoying their Saturday holiday from school. Their mother, Mrs. Chester, sat at her sewing machine, looking through the open doorway at the hill-field . . .The balmy, bracing air was grateful to inhale; the singing of the birds, and the chirping of the frogs, combined to cheer and animated. But there were tears in Mrs. Chester's eyes as she gazed upon this cheerful scene. She was thinking how "the cares of this world" choke out the "good seed" scattered by the heavenly Sower in the human heart. Oppressed by the mountain of perpetual duties and wearisome tasks, which loomed up before her mental vision, she exclaimed in her depression, "I will look to the hills whence cometh my help," and added, in the exercise of faith and hope, "My help is in the Lord which made heaven and earth." "In Him will I trust."

. . . "She now reverted a little more courageously to the huge pile of outgrown clothing, which must be altered and handed down from the older children to the younger ones, and ventured to recount the whole number of new suits each would require, in order to be made comfortable for the summer. Though a delicate woman, Mrs. Chester possessed indomitable energy and a cheerful disposition, and it was her wont to look on the bright side of everything. So, cutting and basting, she sang, in a brave and hopeful strain;

'Do good do good there's ever a way,
A way where there's ever a will-- a will.'

May we all be like Mrs. Chester today, and look to the Lord for our strength in whatever our cares may be.
Blessings to you all, sweet friends, until next time~




  1. Marqueta~
    It is always a joy to come visit you at your cottage! You, whatever the circumstance, have a cheerful disposition ~ just like Mrs. Chester!
    We used to dress up one of our kitties, like you have your Liberty, and the other cat, thinking something was attacking him, would pounce on him and try to get the offending creature off her friend! It was so funny to watch!
    Oh, I didn't know you could eat the root of cattails! I have heard of eating the lower part of the stalk. What does it taste like? I fear I am such a picky eater!
    The ice crystals are fascinating, aren't they? They make for such lovely photos!
    Our hens are laying wonderfully, too! So many eggs in fact, I am thinking of perhpas baking an Angel Food Cake!
    Praying for you to have strength and endurance to complete your packing task.
    Blessings, friend!

  2. Hello Marqueta,
    Ooooh, so many lovely things to comment on in this post! The ice crystals are breathtaking! Can't wait to show my children your photos tomorrow morning. The cattails...the first thing I thought of was spinning. I am just learning to spin and notice that I am viewing the world through fiber filled glasses! Also, love the pink and brown polka dot scarf. Lovely. All in all, looks like you have a beautiful day.

  3. Mi querida amiga,

    Que linda te ves rodeada de tus lindas hijas.

    Yo se que cuando uno esta en el proceso de mudarse, uno se da cuenta de todo lo que posee...y comiensas a pensar, porque?

    Porque tenemos que tener tanto, cuando un poquito es suficiente. La felicidad de la familia no se encuentra en lo que uno posee, se encuentra en el amor que le damos a nuestros hijos.

    Si vivieramos mas cerca, utilizabamos esas "rags" y comensariamos hacer "quilts", sabanas :)

    Dios sabe lo que necesitas, y El te dara exactamente lo necesario y en el tiempo indicado.

    Con mucho carino,


  4. Oh~ how delightful... ;)
    Awww, I loved the picture
    of your 'dressed up' kitty!
    Elsie Dinsmore has the
    prettiest dresses.
    Those eggs look scrumptious too.

    Blessings dear friend!

    Love~ Jen

  5. Dear Marqueta,
    I have loved looking at your spring outing.
    Praying for you and your situation.
    I enjoyed your story and will think how I can a apply this in my life.
    Thank you

  6. Greetings Marqueta. How silly I feel that (due to the wedding) it is several weeks since I visited my friends and now I find your sweet family is having to uproot and find a new place to live and love. You are surrounded by such beautiful countryside I sincerely hope you find the place of your dreams and your dear husband the employment he seeks. You do indeed remind me of the Ingalls family. I watched all the shows and read all the books many, many years ago but the story has always stayed with me. I think it was a little china figure that Ma Ingalls always packed with care and then placed on the mantle in each new home. Once the china lady was in place the new house would feel like a true home. (Isn't it funny the little things you remember!) I don't envy you packing. I find it very dfficult to dispose of things as everything has a story to tell. I should have more time now to vist friends again so look forward to hearing you have found a new place to settle fairly soon. Meanwhile, perhaps you could consider building a thatched cottage like the one on your's perfect.

  7. I love your blog Marqueta, especially all the photos! Kitty! I pray a job comes your husband's way soon. The old story you posted was so nice. If the lady writing it had to work at a desk job all day, I think she'd realize her day to day work could be so more close to drudgery. Ahh to work at home, I"m grateful for even the most tedious tasks. We also are about to go through another "purge" of our belongings!

  8. Dear Marqueta,
    Wishing you the warmth and fresh energy that comes along with spring! May your time of packing and finding a new home be blessed! A perfect place is waiting just for your sweet family. The photo of you and your daughter is absolutely beautiful! I am not sure if you are running your shop during this time of transition if so, would you consider making my daughter a few bonnets? I love the ones that your girls have so very much - the fabrics are so lovely and old fashioned!

  9. Marqueta,
    It seems such a lovely day, always a lovely day when we see our children enjoying the day outdoors :o)

    It's encouraging to read your *cheer* in your posts.

    love, Deanna

  10. I had to chuckle at your kitty, my older daughter used to dress her *male* cat Bisboo up in all her american girl outfits then subject him to photo shoots....LOL!

  11. Dear Marqueta,
    I always love to see picutres of your sweet family, what a blessings sweetie. Still praying for you xoxoxo Clarice

  12. Such lovely time you are having there! Isn't it wonderful we are having Spring here!?! It has felt like it here in Utah too. I started some garden seeds indoor a few days ago and they are already beginning to sprout. I can't wait to plant them in the ground! :)

    Thank you for all the kind comments on my page dear friend! *hugs*

  13. Dear Marqueta~Thank you for all your kind words and for visiting! It is always a joy to visit you because I get so inspired from your writings and photo's. You know so much about your flowers and your hens seem to be laying their eggs very nicely. Yes, I agree she does look so nicely dressed in the Miss Dinsmore stye!! God bless, Rose

  14. Thank you for the lovely nature walk. I love the way ice forms it makes such interesting patterns. We have ice form very rarely since we are in southern Miss. But we do have it come out of the wet ground on very cold nights and make for interesting discussions as we walk around the pasture or barn seeing where it has pushed up rocks and such.

    This is my first visit here thanks to the link from Emily I have enjoyed it.

    Erika @ Homegrown Family

  15. Enjoyed my visit here Margueta,so sweet was the story of Mrs.Chester.Your picnic with the children looks like it was such a wonderful time...blessings

  16. You have a lovely blog, I'm not sure how I stumbled upon it but it was a pleasant surprise. I'm in Idaho as well, Boise area. You have a lovely family.

  17. What a lovely post! I can relate to your thoughts on the over abundance of STUFF we have and how it clutters up our lives! Yes, Little House days do appeal to me very much! BUT...I am thankful for running water and indoor plumbing, machines to do the labouring for me, and electricity to help us along our way. BUT ~ less is definitely more in my do we get back to simple living? I suppose that looks differently for each of us, but we can strive for a simpler way of life one day at a time. Thanks for sharing your life with us here ~ everything looks so lovely!

    Blessings to you!

  18. Dear Marqueta,

    I'm sorry it's taken me so long to comment on this lovely post. I did read this post earlier -- a few days back actually, but didn't have time to comment. That seems to be the story of my life lately. I'm keeping positive, though, that things will get to normal again. :)

    The pictures in this post are just beautiful -- everything from the fancy kitty to the gorgeous ice crystals to your beautiful children to the lovely scarf you are wearing.

    I received the beautiful package you sent!! It is so very lovely! It's perfect! I keep admiring everything in it. I love the card!!

    Love and Hugs,

  19. Hello there my friend! You all seem to be having a lovely spring. Thinking of you and your move and hoping all goes well. It is such a hectic event, to be sure. Hope you find a lovely new place!~

  20. DEAR MAMA,


Thank you for coming to visit — I look forward to hearing from you!