Thursday, April 1, 2010

O April, Welcome Home!

O April, welcome home! The stirring earth
Is scrubbed and scoured, fresh clean with rain;
You are the hope of beauty and the birth
of life from death-come, welcome home again!

~Anne Mary Lawler

Dear Friends,

Mother Nature is playing her yearly April Fool's joke on us, pouring down rain, hail, sleet, and snow! Surely the earth is indeed being scrubbed and scoured by her efforts.

We have had a wonderful week of visiting with family, and last weekend we had the special treat of receiving a visit from dear Emily of "A Beautiful Life", and her beautiful little family. What a gift from God to have kindred friends! We hope to be able to do it again, and to someday meet many of our blogging friends.

Look at us glowing! :)

Emily's girls found Pink Street Elementary quite entertaining!

We also had a birthday celebration for this little cowboy, who turned three on Sunday~

March 31st was Mr. Graham's last day of work, which will leave him more time to seek out new employ (and to play with his children!). We are feeling blessed to be where we are at this point in our life; that something great is just around the corner.

May each you and your families feel the joy of spring, of new birth, and especially this time of celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.




  1. Marqueta,

    You and Emily do indeed look glowing!! What a special treasure to meet an online kindred spirit!

    I hope you and your family have a blessed Easter!

    Love, Heather

  2. It is so wonderful to see your deep faith and trust in the Lord. Many people would be so worried during this unknowing time in their lives, but you have such a great faith in God to provide - how truly wonderful - you are an inspiration!


  3. Mother Nature seems to be having a great laugh on our account, all over the country! Strange weather all around! I'm so glad that He is the Blessed Controller of all things ~ including the weather!
    We are having the same weather as you, but my New York daughter, who had 30* temps last week, is this week out in her yard, sunbathing in 75* weather today! Go figure!
    How wonderful that you have gotten to meet another blogging friend! I keep thinking it would be so fun to have a rendevous point and meet some online friends! Perhaps one day! It looks like everyone had a marvelous time!
    Will be praying for Mr. Graham's job search to be short and successful!
    Happy Easter to the entire Graham Family!

  4. Marqueta,
    It is a blessing to meet kindreds! You both look so happy:-) Have a blessed Easter day!

  5. You look like you enjoyed your visit. It is always fun and good for the soul to meet a kindred spirit.

    Have a Blessed Day


  6. Hello dear friend!

    Yes, indeed we do look like we are glowing - and not just from pregnancy - but from meeting a kindred spirit! I am so happy we were able to meet! What a fun visit - and look at the girls having fun too! We'll have to do it again soon!

    I am praying for you and pray it will all work out for your family. You have great faith! :) It will work out for you.

    We had some crazy weather yesterday too. It was snowing, hailing and raining all day! It left us with quite a bit of snow - but the sun is out today and is slowly melting it. Have a glorious day! *hugs*

  7. What darling pictures, Marqueta! It looks like you had a lovely visit and great birthday party! Have a beautiful Easter!

  8. Marqueta,

    I was introduced to you through Emily's blog. What a wonderful mother and woman you are! You have a beautiful blog here.

    Blessings to you this Easter. :)

  9. Happy Easter Marqueta,
    it sounds like we have the same weather. I know you will have a joyous Easter xoxoxo Clarice

  10. Dear Marqueta,

    How wonderful to get to meet with Emily and her children! Looks like a lot of fun. Today was a beautiful day here, but it's supposed to get chilly tonight. It's the tug of war between winter leaving and spring coming!

    I hope realy spring finds you soon and that your husband finds the perfect job and you all find the perfect place to settle in.


  11. ps - That's supposed to say "real spring finds you soon." *smile* I've typed all day and my fingers are numb at this point! Apparently my mind is tired too!


  12. Dear Marqueta,
    Warmest wishes to you and your family! May peace joy and love surround you each day! I was so touched by your email and look forward to writing more soon! xoxo Happy Easter : )

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  14. Your family's wonderful and hopeful attitude about everything is so inspiring. And many congrats on the new little one I read you're expecting! What a treasure!~!

  15. How special to meet another kindred friend! How both look beautiful and how much fun to be had at your home. We will continue to keep your family in our prayer - your attitude is wonderful!
    Also would you email me when you have a moment,
    Blessings, Tonya

  16. DEAR MAMI,


Thank you for coming to visit — I look forward to hearing from you!