Monday, November 22, 2010

Some Pictures of Home

Dear Friends,

We are beginning our third week here in Missouri, and each day flies by faster than the last! Can it really be Thanksgiving this Thursday? And Christmas a month from Thanksgiving?! We hear that Idaho is having its second big snow storm since we've left, which makes us very grateful that the weather was so nice for our journey. We know that we were being watched over, and it is a very humbling feeling.

Here are a few pictures of our new cottage, and the surrounding area. We have spent as much time as possible exploring the outdoors, getting to know our new ecosystem, and looking for turtles (no luck yet!)~

Feeding geese at a local lake. 

Visiting the temple of the Church of Christ in Independence~

The Burr Oak Woods Nature Center~


~And the LDS Visitors' Center in Independence.

(We love her hat!)

Here is a front view of the new cottage (minus the right bedroom)~

 And the deck in back of the kitchen, with its Osage orange ornaments

AnnaMarie has been busily making bird feeders to feed our new feathered friends~

We were delighted to see our first walking stick last week. . .

 . . . And to watch for the cardinals, who love hiding in the burning bush out back.

We'd better get on with our unpacking now~ We have basement stairs to climb now, so moving up heavy boxes should get us in real good shape!

May you all have a most blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving.




"In a Tiny Roadside Pool"

Who scorns
The simple things
Knows not where 
Beauty lies;
A tiny roadside
Pool may hold
A Star.



  1. Such fun exploring a new place.:0)

    I have seen pictures of that temple such a unique design. The LDS visitors center looks very interesting something I missed while in MO.

    You have lots of willing helpers I am sure with unpacking. I hope you found the church shoes. ;)

    Lots of Love

    I will be sending you out a letter soon.

  2. Dear Marqueta,
    Settling into a new home, especially in a new state is both exciting and exhausting!
    Loved seeing your photos ~ may you and your family have a most blessed Thanksgiving in your new home.
    Love and Hugs))

  3. Wonderful pictures of your new place!! Have fun exploring!! Happy Thanksgiving Love Heather & Anna

  4. I am sure you are so happy to be (finally) in your new home ~ all of you together! Such adventures await you as you discover all the new flora and fauna in the area!
    And I think your little cottage is charming and you and the girls will have a delightful time making it *home*!
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving day!

  5. Querida Amiga,

    Te deseo un gran Dia de Accion de Gracia!

    Tu cabana es muy acojedora...perfecta para tu familia :)

    Con much carino,


  6. May you all enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving in your new home. Eli x

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to you with you sweet family in your charming new little cottage xoxo Clarice

  8. Well welcome to my neck of the woods! I'm a few hours south of you now in Oklahoma!
    I hope you enjoy your time in Missouri. It really is a lovely place. So many gorgeous lakes, pretty little towns, lots of fun stuff to do! Laura Ingall's Ozark home is in Mansfield, and the real Little House on the Prairie is just over in Kansas, near Independence. Lots of fun stuff!

  9. Dear Marqueta,
    Blessings to all of you in your new home and Happy Thanksgiving.
    Warm wishes,

  10. Welcome to Missouri. I found your blog through someone else's (don't remember who right now)! Where in K.C are you? I also am in K.C., in the Northeast area.


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