Monday, November 15, 2010

Hello, Missouri!

Dear Friends,

We have just our internet hooked up, and wanted to let you all know that we arrived here in Kansas City safe and sound. We arrived last Sunday and were blessed with lots of help unloading the moving truck; my mother-in-law even had a homemade lunch waiting for us!

 Here are some pictures of the sights we saw along the way from Idaho to Missouri~

First, of course, we picked up Mr. Graham at the bus stop and brought him home for a happy reunion!

Then we packed up the truck (which Grandpa Graham graciously offered to drive), and said goodbye to Idaho~

And hello to Wyoming, where we stayed our first night after traveling all day.

Lil' Button Nose was beginning to think that this trip was a life sentence!

Here we are catching up to the truck!

Good thing some of us packed our swimming clothes!
Goodbye, Wyoming your pronghorns, oil fields, and wind turbines. . .

 Hello, Nebraska with endless cornfields and lots of little windmills!

Nebraska is home to many Mormon historical landmarks (Unfortunately we didn't have time to stop and see many of them)~

Mormon Island had a maple with the biggest leaves we've ever seen!

 We just touched the border of Iowa for a miles, before seeing. . .

A welcome to our new home state!

The hills were still beautiful, even though many of the leaves had already gone.
So here we are, with all the of the joys of settling into a new home. Our home is an older home with lots of character, which is a big change from our bigger, but manufactured home in Idaho (which is still for sale, if anyone is interested ;) ). We'll be sure to take some pictures of our new place to share with you next time. Until then, dear friends, be blessed and have a wonderful day.




  1. Mi querida amiga,

    Que felicidad leer tus palabras otra vez :)

    Nuestro Senor estuvo contingo durante tu viaje, y me imagino que fue especial y aventuroso :)

    Tu nueva casa suena perfecta. Yo tambien vivo en una casa muy antigua con mucho caracter...y que requiere mucho carino :)

    Que Nuestro Senor te continue banandote de bendiciones...ya veras, tu otra casa en Idaho se venderan pronto. Cuando Nuestro Senor lo proponga!!!

    Bienvenida Marketa...


  2. Welcome Home!
    God Bless your nest!

  3. So glad you all made it safe and sound! You've been missed!

  4. Dear Marquetta,
    I have been thinkiggof you and praying all was well with you.
    Enjoy your settling period and your new home.
    Praying your home sells soon (as well as ours too)
    The house sounds lovely just right for you
    Many Blessings
    Gae ♥

  5. Wonderful!! Enjoy your new home~ Love Heather & Anna

  6. So glad to see you and your sweet family arrived safely...can't wait to see your new home...may God give you all many blessings there....Shelley

  7. Welcome Marqueta, you must be overjoyed and relieved to be in your new home after such a long wait. I took out my atlas and traced your route across the States. Phew! That seems like a long way to drive. I very much like to see these places as it makes it all seem nearer somehow, so thanks for the photos. Your new home sounds lovely. I shall look forward to some pics when you're setted in. Take care. Eli x

  8. I'm so glad you made it safely to your new home, and that the move is now behind you! I so look forward to reading of your new adventures in Missouri.

  9. Moving is fun! Those are good pictures. By the way, I’m new to your blog! I’d love it if you stopped by mine here:


  10. Welcome home, Missouri is a beautiful state and soo many new places to explore xoxoxo Clarice

  11. Hooray! Congratulations on finally being together again! And congratulations on making a go of it during your husband's absence!


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