Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Friends,

It's a cold, drizzly day here in Kansas City. We hope you're staying warm, wherever you are! We want to thank you for your kind comments, and to welcome our newest followers. When we get to 200, you're all invited for a big party in the backyard (assuming it's not drizzling that day)! :)

We are feeling very blessed to have such positive feedback on our Ebooks, and feel very humbled by any help that we have been able to give. We were going to start working on a green smoothie/wild foods Ebook, but a book about chickens has been begging us to write it. Has this ever happened to you? I swear that creative ideas have their own personalities!

Who doesn't love a snuggly chicken?

We're going to be compiling a book of little stories about chickens that have touched people's lives, and hope that it will be a nice little read If any of you have a story (or photo) you'd like to share, we would love to include it! These are the categories so far: "Eggs and Chicks," "Proud Mamas," "Crazy Roosters," "Close Calls" (brushes with death), "Chickens Who Think They're Human," and "Gone, but not Forgotten." I think it will be a lot of fun to put together. I'm not sure how it will be published yet, but I'll let you know more details as I figure them out myself.

Here is a story that I wrote for the "Gone, but not Forgotten" chapter, to give you an idea of what the book includes~

The first chicken I owned when I grew up was a black Cochin named Rudy. I traded a couple of guinea pigs for him at the pet store, where he had been living in a birdcage. He was a very sweet boy, and we loved having him for just a few days. We found out that roosters were not allowed in the town in which we lived, and had to find a new home for him until we could move to the country.

My mother called up her friends who lived in the country, and they offered to keep him for us temporally. I had morning sickness until we moved, so I was not able to visit Rudy. When we had moved, I called to see if we could pick Rudy up, and was informed that he had been given to someone else.

It is needless to say that I was very sad at this news. I found the name of Rudy's new owners, then called and tried to get him back. I was told that his owners were too attached to him to give him up, so I never saw him again. 

This was a real lesson for me to make sure of the local laws, and to not assume that chickens are welcome just because they are sold in town.

There you have it! I've given you something to discuss at the Thanksgiving Table, and to think about while preparing the meal! :)
May you all enjoy a special day of love, fellowship, and of counting blessings. Of course, we count our friends among the greatest of ours.




  1. Rudy must have been a very special rooster to have so many people that loved him! Can't wait to read your smoothies book. My husband bought a juicer this year and has become a juicer maniac! Have a fun Thanksgiving, my dear friend!

  2. What a delightful picture my friend :) Your son looks positively mischievous :-D

    Feliz Dia de Accion de Gracia!


  3. Just started following along. Love your blog. I look forward to sharing more stories!

  4. Aww sweet story, I am sorry about Rudy. I am glad you are writitng more, keep at it. Happy Thanksgiving xox Clarice

  5. Who could have know the delight chickens could be? I had an inkling... so I harbored a secret longing to own some of my own. Last spring my husband made my dream come true and now we are all enchanted!

    Blessings, Debbie

  6. Dear Marqueta,
    Wanted to wish you and your sweet family a very Happy Thanksgiving!
    I never gave much thought to chickens and the fact that they all have very distinct personalities until we acquired our own! Our Miss Lizzy in particular thinks she's a person!

  7. Hello my dear friend,

    I hope this finda you all well and I wish you a truly wonderful Thanksgiving with your family:-)
    Much Love,


  8. Nice post! Thanks for sharing... blessings...

  9. Oh have I got some chicken stories for you! Chickens are such comical little folk, there is simply no end to their antics. My chickens were actually hoist upon me as runaways.Before I knew it I had a yard full of crazy chicks and rowdy roosters and the chicken soap opera had begun. It is a great idea to do a chicken book, KUDOS!

  10. Hello dear friend! Happy Thanksgiving! I have a story for you for the Chicken Stories - I'll email you in a few days. I am finishing up the last touches on the November Newsletter. Hope you are enjoying all of November's lovliness. Love, Emily

  11. Hi Marqueta! Your blog gives me such joy that I've given you a Liebster award. You can read about it on my latest post.

  12. happy thanksgiving. your kid is so cute on the picture!


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