Friday, November 4, 2011

~Welcome November~

Dear Friends,

A happy day to you, and an especial welcome to all our new followers! Thank you for coming by and sharing our cottage life with us. On this day last November, we were still in Idaho, getting all the last minute things ready before loading up the truck and moving to Missouri.

We've been through four full Missourian seasons now, and have loved every one!


We've learned to overcome our fear of ticks, chiggers, brown recluse spiders, and copperhead and cottonmouth snakes (well, mostly). Oh yes, and poison ivy.


We've learned that Osage Orange fruits smell heavenly (and make wonderful playthings)~

And that honey bees come into your house in October and November, but they can be kept out by feeding them a bit of honey away from the house.

We've also learned that if you photograph chickens at just the right angle, they look like they have two heads! :)

We've fallen in love with all the new varieties of fungus we've discovered (this one is Wood Ear mushroom, which is edible and medicinal),

And we've discovered a few unusual mammals here, too!

We hope that you are making lots of discoveries, too, and enjoying nature in all its glory.



"Even if something is left undone, everyone must take time to sit still and watch the leaves turn."
-   Elizabeth Lawrence


  1. We have vacationed in the St Louis area twice. We love Missouri! That's an interesting bit of info about the honey bees :-) Beautiful photos, Marqueta!

  2. Those Osage Orange fruits are what we call Horse Apples and they are known to repel household roaches if slice and hidden in various places in the home...don't know if that is true or not but,I have heard it all my life :)
    The year really went by fast..didn't it? Blessings on your next in Missouri.

  3. Happy one year anniversary in your new home Marqueta! Don't know that I could ever get used to copperheads and brown recluse spiders. You all are much braver than I! Pretty cute little mammals you have there. Have a nice weekend and don't forget to set your clock back.

  4. Beautiful life! Beautiful quote!

  5. Happy November!! I love that you make the most of what is around you and always learning something. You are such a good mama xox Clarice

  6. Hi.. Just happended across your blog and wanted to say congrats on a whole year.. It is so nice that you are enjoying everything.. Blessings..

  7. Oooo Tee heeee what MARVELOUS discoveries!! Oh how I LOVE the circle of HONEY BEES!!! What a sweet picture!! And the two headed chicken tee hee hee!!
    Many Blessing Hugs and Love, Linnie

  8. Such a lovely year of discovery! Here's to another year of wondeful adventures!


  9. Happy November!! Does the time just seem to be flying by?? It really does seem that way for me ....where does it go you have had 4 seasons there already wow!! Enjoy your winter can't wait to see the season through your family pictures ~Love Heather

  10. Oh, I miss having a bee hive--they were far more entertaining to watch that tv! Hmmm....I may be charming the Redneck to see if I can get another one next summer.....

  11. Yes, despite those ticks and chiggers, life in the country is grand, isn't it?! Happy Home Anniversary to you and your most adorable family!

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  13. Dearest Marqueta,

    I love this post and these pictures! So very pretty! I love that simplicity and the sweetness. Thank you so much for sharing! It takes me to a place that I miss from my own life, seemingly long ago. I loved, too, seeing your visit with your friends in Amish country. How very fun! Your blue fascinator (did I say that right?) is beautiful and you are beautiful. I think your new location is treating you good. Your letter sits on my desk, waiting for me to have a chance to reply, and the beautiful painting sits atop a cabinet that I view from my work desk (sigh--I am there too much) waiting on the perfect frame. Love you, dear friend! Lynn


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