Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Boy Who Loved a Christmas Tree

Dear Friends,

Doesn't our post sound like a good book title? Frankie (and the girls) is soooo excited for Christmas he can barely stand it! He has been singing "Honk the Halls With Burning Love" at the top of his lungs (see what happens when you marry an Elvis impersonator?) every day, and asking if he can unwrap presents.

The top picture was taken right after Mr. Graham put the tree up; it has since been re-decorated at least three times, and tipped over by the cat only once. :) After looking at several Victoria Magazines, Tasha decided our tree should be more "Victorian" and added popcorn and cranberry strings, as well as lots of bells and other old-fashioned things.

It's dark and rainy here today, but we had a little skiff of snow on St. Nicholas Day, which was a nice treat.

~The chickens were less than delighted with the snow!

We had a fun cookie-making party for the Tall Dolls on St. Nicholas Day, followed by a little tea.

The birds have been mobbing the feeders lately. We had forgotten how many of them there are here in the winter! Where were they in the summer?
The deck railing makes an excellent blue jay feeder~

Ready for a refill~

Our little oyster mushrooms have been growing in the rain (we have two small logs that we brought home from a nearby woods); what a fun science project!
We finally feel in the holiday mood (we're late-bloomers that way) and have been working on last minute presents for everyone. AnnaMarie made tiny Advent calendars for all the children but Rebecca, and they have been wonderful for counting down the days (we'll have to take a good picture when the sun shines again).

This weekend we'll be performing for local nursing homes, so we're practicing daily. It's wonderful to have the oldest girls play their violin and harp for accompaniment. I tear up when I watch them playing together, since it's been a dream of mine for such a long time to have a family orchestra. Dreams really do come true!

Here's AnnaMarie fiddling away~ We'll have to get a good picture of Audrey on the harp, too!
Love and blessings to you all,



  1. Dear Mami,

    I love this post! The dose sound like a book name! The tree is much more Victorian now!☺ The dolls loved the party! Thanks to you! thank you sooooooooooooooooo Much!
    I love you and I like you!


  2. The Christmas tree is looking it's best now, isn't it? Frankie is so cute! It sure doesn't LOOK like December, with the rain, but it does feel like Christmas, because we are with what is most important- family☺. I love you, mother!


  3. What lovely things you have been up to! The tree is beautiful - the snow is lovely (I love the photos!) and I agree with you about music in the home. It is my desire that my home is filled with music - :) Blessings to you dear friend for a beautiful Christmas season.

  4. Beautiful mi Amiga! :)

    En verday las Navidades tienen tanta magia - verdad?

    con mucho carino,


  5. What a wonderful little family you have Marqueta! I do miss having little ones around. Soak in all the memories you can, dear friend, time passes so quickly. Now I want to know, where do you find dolls that do the baking? Sure beats Betsy Wetsy!

  6. I love that the little ones are playing their instruments for others! What fun! I play the violin...so I'm partial.

  7. Oh, my. How fun and how busy you all have been. Late Bloomers? I don't think so...not even a tiny bit of holiday decor is up here nor barely a thought to gift giving and food prep. I enjoy hearing how things are your cozy place.

  8. Oh, Marqueta! What a lovely family you have and what fun! How I would love to hear the girls play! When I was much younger, I was an activity director in a nursing home. I can tell you without a doubt, music touches even the most unresponsive. I will never forget hearing a woman start singing who never spoke. She had a voice like an angel.

    Have a lovely, lovely week!



  9. nice post! thanks for sharing friend...happy holidays...

  10. Sounds wonderful!! Enjoy your Holiday's together....imagine how it feels here with heat and sand and all sorts of things that don't feel Christmasy we are trying out best to make it feel so in the home though! I wrote a letter and will try and get it mailed out tomorrow....Anna and I spotted a post office on a side of town that appears to be ok should be an interesting adventure lol ~Love Heather

  11. Love it! Your title does sound like a book title and your post made me think of Little Women!
    Hope you have a blessed weekend,

  12. I am soo glad to see your sweet family enjoying the season. So many wonderful memories being built xoxo Clarice

  13. Marqueta,
    How lovely! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas:-) Sorry I haven't been around much, having some health problems, please keep me in prayer if you think of it. But, do enjoy the time with family.


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