Friday, December 2, 2011

A Merry December to you!

Dear Friends,

A merry December to you! This year is just flying by~ as it reaches its close, we reflect back on all the little things that we did and didn't accomplish. It seems like just yesterday that we were putting away the decorations from Christmas, and planning all the wonderful things that we would do before we next took them out of storage.

One of the nicest things this year has been the gaining of new friends, and keeping up with longer acquaintances. One of our dearest friends even invited me to be in her newsletter which she has begun publishing. Imagine my surprise when I saw myself on the cover! If you'd like a peek at Emily's Desert Rose Homestead Newsletter, visit her blog here.

I think you'll be truly enchanted with what she has put together!

Now we're off to watch the girls practice for their latest at-home production of "The Nutcracker." This year's costumes are quite creative, being culled from the local thrift store where we volunteer!

Love and blessings,



  1. How exciting! It looks like it will be a nice newsletter. Looking forward to seeing picture of the Nutcracker Suite!

  2. How wonderful Mi Amiga! Te ves muy bonita en el header... :)

    Gracias por visitar mi humilde blog - en verdad estoy, poco a poco, mirando las Navidades por los ojos de Nuestro Salvador.

    Con mucho carino,


  3. I have read your interview and it was wonderful. The Nutcracker how sweet.


  4. I know I would love visiting your home to watch a performance of the Nutcracker. fun! The newsletter intriques me and I think I will take a peek at it.
    Enjoy December!

  5. Hello Marqueta,
    That looks like a lovely newsletter, I will have to check it out. I do hope you'll film your childrens version of the Nutcracker--that will be a treasure:-)

  6. And a Merry December to you too! How lovely is the photo in your blog header!!

    I'm sure The Nutcracker was a fun and delightful time for all :)
    Love, Deanna

  7. I love the new Headline photo! I too am looking forward to your photos of your children doing the Nutcracker--it's my favorite ballet.

    Still working on your box to send you--but with all the stuff I'm trying to do right now--it may be AFTER Christmas when I get a chance to mail it! More details in the letter winging its way to you...

  8. Oh, congratulations! What a beautiful newsletter, and you look lovely!~ Hope you and your family are having a wonderful December. We're set to get some snow in a couple of days, you probably will too!~

  9. How wonderful! This looks like a lovely newsletter! Can't wait to see how you decorate! I love the new header, so sweet and innocent! Perfect for you, Marqueta! Have a joyous day!

  10. Hi Marqueta, how exciting to be featured in a newsletter. Hope the preparations for the Nutcracker are going well. Absolutely loving your new banner heading. Have a lovely week. dev x

  11. Oh yes, the making of new friends just since blogging has been an awakening for so many of us because through blogging, WE DARE TO SHARE more than in just daily life! Blogging serves as a reminder to do just that more often with those near us. Thank you dearest for visiting me and for having a sweet place here to go back in time, a time of simple and old-fashioned Christmases!!!! Anita

  12. The Nutcracker home performance?!! That would be a joy to witness!

    It has been so nice getting to know you this year.

  13. You look lovely on the cover and how exciting....I do hope you share pictures of this years nutcracker as you have in the past maybe even some video :) can't wait to see!! Merry Christmas Love Heather

  14. I agree that this year has just whipped on by.... in fact December has come around so quickly I have hardly had time to 'forget' enough of the Christmas books I like to read at this time to want to re-read them. It seems like I just read them the other week or so!

    How exciting to be in your friend's newsletter. I used to write newsletters for Mary Kay directors and loved it. The clients I had wanted a more 'touch the heart' kind of connection and so I had a lot of fun creating beautiful and inspiring issues each month.

    So I want to wish your friend all the best for a beautiful success in this journey of publishing!

  15. How wonderful and a dear friend indeed. I will check out the newsletter xox Clarice


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