Monday, March 12, 2012

Dear Friends,

Happy Monday to you! We've been having lots of fun outside, bouncing on our new "hoppity balls" and planting more goodies in the garden.


Each child picked out their own four-pack of pansies at the local nursery, and we planted them in a bed out front (where the chickens can't get them).

 Evangeline, Frankie, and Rebecca decided that we needed lots of onion starts, too, so now we have a pansy/onion bed, along with LOTS of peas that we had to stick here and there, since we soaked way too many for the area we had prepared. :) Someday we'll have a normal garden that's just in one spot!

These robins were waiting patiently for us to leave, so they could get any worms that we may have unearthed!

The rest of the birds are more shy, and like to watch us from a respectful distance!

Our two little clumps of daffodils are blooming along the side of the house, and we've noticed that the magnolias in the neighborhood are begin to unveil their lovely pink and white flowers. Ah, spring!

Mr. Graham and I took a class the other night on making kefir and other fermented foods and drinks, and have been inspired to start some internal "house cleaning" with these wonderful, life-giving foods. At the moment, we have kefir and sauerkraut working, and everyone is drooling waiting for them to be done! Talk about slow food! We are also dehydrating some rye berries that we soaked until they sprouted; we will grind it into flour and make a more gut-friendly baked goody than that of unsprouted flour. Here is the website of the lady who taught our cultured food class~ she has lots of wonderful, creative recipes!

We hope that you're enjoying this day, wherever you are, and creating wonderful memories with your family.




"Spring Is . . . "

Spring will make the flowers grow,
Spring will melt away the snow.
Spring will bring the robins home,
Spring will let imaginations roam.
Spring will . . . be spring!

~Audrey Graham



Did you hear the robin today?
His song sounded so very gay!
And did you see the grass so green?
And did you hear the flowing spring?
The snow is melting all away,
We will see it another day.

Yay for spring!
Yay for spring!

Yay for Yay for  everything!

~Tasha Graham


  1. Dear Marqueta,

    I love the nature pictures and the sweet pictures of home life! The girls (and boy) are so sweet. And tell the girls bravo! (or is it brava?) on the poetry. It is very nice!


  2. Oh, lovely, lovely spring!

    And what beautiful young people you have at your house. =)

  3. Oh how fun! You all look like your having fun welcoming in spring.

    I love learning new things don't you? I am the only one in the house who will eat fermented foods which is a bummer. But they will eat cheese, sourcream, butter that I make and culture. Sprouted grains are so much easier on the tummy hubby doesn't have a problem with wheat now that we sprout it. But it does take more effort and planning. Maybe one day they will be more adventurous and try more. Though I have cultured homemade ketchup and they didn't know.
    Have a lovely day

  4. I agree with Tasha! Yay! for everything! Spring certainly is a joyous time of year. Looks like there won't be any lonely little petunias in your onion patch!

  5. What a happy Spring post! :-D
    The Robins are so hopeful and refreshing to see!! Yay!! Spring!!

    Great Poems Audrey and Tasha!!
    Blessings Love and Hugs, Linnie

  6. Love the poems girls. Pansies are one of my favourites and funnily enough we have just planted some up in pots and dotted them around the patio. We have seen a little sunshine these past few days but now it is overcast and slightly misty. Much warmer though. Have a great week. Dev x

  7. What a lovely idea to plant a small garden, and yes, you will have one :)

    The idea of fermented foods have been in our society for quite awhile; I am glad that is seeing a recurrence.

    con mucho carino

  8. Who wants a normal garden? Your sounds charming. I love water kifer!! xox Clarice

  9. Oh what a lovely posting... enjoyed the photos!! Spring, oh yes, I'm enjoying the sightings of the new season around here... no robins as yet, but soon we'll hear their cheery songs.

  10. Hello dear Marqueta,
    I don't often get to stop by your blog but it was wonderful to find you busy planting your garden and best wishes with the kefir - to make your own would be wonderful.
    Warm wishes,

  11. Dear Marqueta
    What sweet photos of your family and home... I miss my vegetable garden... I used to grow just about everything..

    Thank you for wandering over and your sweet comment.I am so happy she brought a smile to you!
    Wishing you a beautiful week.

  12. Hi Marqueta :)

    It looks like you're all having a nice day outdoors! I remember when my children played on hoppity balls!!

    I hope the garden comes along nicely. I began to prepare the ground just yesterday in the back and later this week we'll begin a block -doing the square foot garden method. Sure hope I;ll be successful.

    All the pictures are lovely. Blessings, Deanna


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