Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Birthday to Frankie!

 Dear Friends,

Yesterday we celebrated Frankie's fifth birthday (where does the time go?); He woke up bright and early to open his presents before Mr. Graham left for work.
( As you can see, there was a knight theme to most of the presents!)

We've all been especially enjoying Frankie's "Bushky Bushybottom" book by Jeri Landers! This one has a cd with the author reading the book, which is really fun.

Frankie is growing by leaps and bounds, and we're very blessed to have his rambunctious boy-ness in our home. He says he's going to be a farmer when he grows up, but also wants to be an opera singer. We tell him that he can sing opera while out farming! :)




  1. Dear Frankie ~
    I hope your birthday was filled with all kinds of fun stuff!
    Being a farmer who sings opera sounds like a fantastic aspiration! If you have cows, they will be so delighted with your singing, they will surely give lots and lots of good creamy milk! And the chickens will join in the singing and lay lovely golden yolked eggs. The cat will catch all the mice, and dog will chase away all the bad varmits that want to cause harm on your farm and join you on all of your farm chores, and little lambs will jump for joy at the sound of your voice! Oh! I think you will be a wonderful farmer and raise many farm critters and grow lots of tasty garden treats for your family!
    Happy 5th Birthday, Frankie!

  2. Happy birthday Frankie! May all your dreams come true. It looks like you got some really fun presents. Knights were one my sons favorite things when they were your age too.

    PS: I'm glad to see that you recuperated from your trip to the Asian market!

  3. Happy Birthday Frankie!! Wow where does the time go...I have a feeling we will be saying this a lot now lol!! What a cutie ~Love Heather

  4. Happy Birthday to you Frankie, happy birthday to you! An opera singing farmer sounds good to me. Hope you have a lovely day. Dev x

  5. Oh, goodness...Happy Birthday Frankie, it will be over by now! I'm sorry if I'm late.
    Hope you had a GOOD day with your Knights, there can no higher wish than to be a knight, champion of God! But a singing farmer is also a brilliant idea and very useful. The family will not starve with Frankie around!!
    Marqueta what a dear boy, and five is the 'bestest' age!
    Love to you all,
    xxx H

  6. Happy Birthday Frankie!!!!! Love from Utah!

  7. Happy Birthday, Frankie! You are so adorable!

  8. LOL about the singing opera while farming. I can actually picture that in my mind. :)

    Frankie looks SO adorable! He has a cute smile. :)

  9. Dear Marqueta,

    You do indeed have boy-ness going on with little Frankie around, though he looks quite the little man now! Tell him HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Rose Cottage!!

    I hope you all are enjoying good days. I think of you often and will soon be sending a package your way, but you know how very slow I can be, even though it seems fast to me! If I could mark the 40-hour job off my list, and driving the kids to school, and, well...but then I'd be lost with nothing to do!! Anyway, I know you understand...

    I love you and hope you all are well!


    You are growing up soooo handsome!!!!
    Love Linnie

  11. Dear Frankie, In case I already didn't say it.. HAppy BirTHdaY! Did your mommy bake an acorn cake? I hope so! LOVE< Bushky Bushybottom


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