Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Apple Blossom Time

Dear Friends,

According to our "Mother's Magazine" from 1914, the best way to add a beautiful perfume to your hair is to spend some quality time in an apple orchard. We thought we'd give it a go, since our tree is covered in beautiful blossoms right now, but since we don't quite have a whole orchard, we had to get right up close and personal with the bees, so we didn't stay there for too long (although we did see lots of interesting green ones)!

We've been enjoying a cool day in the 70s today, after a few days near 90; we even had a little rain shower that refreshed us all (the chickens were especially appreciative).

The warmer weather certainly provided lots of quality outdoor drying time for the laundry, which is something we always appreciate~

The yard is full of delightful edibles like wood sorrel~

And dandelions~

And clover~

There are also a few budding gardeners popping up here and there, who enjoy the meditative act of gardening with a hose.
For those of you who need some inspiration to get to your tasks today, we provide you with this cloud picture, which we thought was a good reminder from Someone in charge of such things~

We've made a couple videos of ourselves doing a weed walk in the yard, but Google won't let us post them (perhaps to save ourselves from embarrassment)~ ☺ We'll have to go out and make some better ones, and then try again (brace yourselves!).

Love and blessings to you,



  1. It looks like you are enjoying the lovliness of Spring! I love apple blossoms! I remember when I went to England and it was apple blossom time and the roads were covered in them - so pretty! I, too, love hanging out the clothes to dry! Enjoy your wonderful moments dear friend!

    Emily Fay

  2. What a beautiful way to perfume your hair! Please send some of that heat my way, as it's been to cold to do much outdoors. Love your cloud formation. Wish I could join you on one of your walks, I'd love to learn more about the weeds. As always, it's such a joy to visit with you and your lovely little family!

  3. Looks beautiful there today enjoy your garden! love the cloud picture :) and yippee try again with the videos we would love to see them!! Love Heather

  4. Hi Marqueta!
    You are the first person to wish me a Happy Easter! The same to you , my dear :D
    I love this post! The hose gardener is adorable.
    I always wanted an orchard, apple blossom perfume is divine - literally!
    Looking forward to your 'weed walk, what fun.
    xxx Alex/ Hazelnut

  5. Such beautiful blossoms. The magnolia's are blooming right now and they are just stunning. Have a lovely Easter!

  6. Our peaches have flowers but not the apples yet. I love the cloud picture, we love watching clouds but have never seen one like yours.



  7. Marqueta, I can imagine taking a walk surrounded by beautiful blossoms would not only make one smell beautiful but feel beautiful inside and out. Such splendor in God's nature!

  8. Hello Marqueta,
    I had a VERY REFRESHING walk in your yard today, and I LOVE the quotation cloud!!!
    Blessings and Love Linnie


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