Friday, April 13, 2012

My First Plant Walk Video

Dear Friends,

The girls and I had fun putting a little video together on YouTube (much easier than using using Google!) for you, teaching a few common wayside weeds, and what they're used for. You'll have to pause the playlist down under my blog banner first (You can watch the video on YouTube, also, if you want to avoid pausing the playlist!)~

I hope you enjoy it!




  1. Wonderful dear Marqueta...What a blessing to take this walk with you and your precious children. This was very interesting and informative...hope you will do more...blessings

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  3. Oh I LOVE this Marqueta!!!! Thank you for sharing this and making this video!!!!!!

    Hope you all are doing well,
    Emily Fay

  4. Hey Marqueta!
    Love what you and the children did here! You really know so much about herb lore... it was so interesting to make comparisons to what we have here, turns out there are most of what you mentioned in the UK too.
    Thanks for sharing: it was so good to hear and see.
    xxx H

  5. I am absolutely impressed about your knowledge mi amiga...I have much of the plants minus the cat tails...especially the willows.

    You need to start making these videos and teach, women like me, to learn more about the natural way.

    Make your own channel...and begin teaching. You have a lovely voice and your love for what you are doing shines right through!!!!



  6. Totally love this video! I learned so much. I have a ton of violet in my yard and didn't know I could eat it.

  7. That was a very informative nature walk. I never knew the name of horsetail, but remember picking it as a child and pulling apart the little sections. We have all these "weeds" but I think of many of them as my little ground cover friends , especially the lamium. The wild carrot probably IS Queen Annes lace.

  8. Dear Marqueta, that was great! You did such a fantastic job and you are so knowledgeable (I think I spelled that right)! It's sweet to think of all your children are learning alongside you!

    Your harvesting makes me miss my ol' garden spot. ;) But I hope soon to be in a new garden spot. With new things to learn about. Love you! Lynn

  9. Marqueta, I know absolutely nothing about nature's edibles. Thank you so much for your very educational and interesting nature walk. I enjoyed learning about all the plants and seeing you and your sweet family too!

  10. Thank you for this Marqueta! Hope it only the first in a series. And it was so nice to hear your voice and your children laughing and playing. Hope I'll soon be able to go outside and look for the wild edibles. Now I'll know what I'm looking for!

  11. I enjoyed this video soooooo much! I hope you are inspired to do more.

    wishful thinking... how lovely it would be if you lived next door and I could gain from your blessed learnings firsthand :)

    my eyes are opened now, I went outside to put some water on the veggies and I couldn't help but take closer looks to the 'weeds' growing wildly around.

    Blessings and love in our Lord,

  12. Marqueta,

    Lovely job! We have chickweed growing in great abundance by the compost the goats have been eating quite a bit of it though one area they have left some to share with me. I had some on my sandwich today very tasty.

    Huckleberries are starting to come in we want to pick some to make a syrup, hubbies night vision is horrible. And today I found out the branches make a good tincture for high blood pressure and high blood sugar. I think hubby should try that for his blood pressure. The goats love the leaves from them, we should identify all the goats eat we would probably be surprised all that is beneficial to

    Hope you have a wonderful day.


  13. Marqueta!!
    What a wonderful marvelous job!!
    I veiwed it several times and will again!!! :-D
    I share the joy of edibles, and must say drive alot of people nuts for I am always pointing and saying "Look that's edible"! And they usually say "So"? Then I say "You may need to know this one day"!!LOL
    Many Blessings, and Love, Linnie

  14. This was a very informative video about wild herbs. I learned so much, as I had seen some of these plants before, but were unaware that some were actually edible. Where did you learn all these wonderful things?

    Also, I think you did a great first job in making this video. :)


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