Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Nature Outing

 Dear Friends,

A happy weekend to you! We hope that it is a time of wonderful memory-making, as well as relaxation, for your family.

There are wonders all around us, if we take the time to seek them out.

Two days ago we decided to take an excursion to a nearby wildlife conservation area, to see what Mother Nature was up to. At first it seemed like nothing exciting was going to happen, but then we passed a pond full of bullfrogs, who screamed at us before leaping to safety. How could we help but laugh and wish we had our pond full of screaming frogs?

We loved seeing all the birds who were nesting in the area, and Evangeline wanted to camp overnight and wake up with a snuggly goose next to her!

 We saw beautiful waterlilies,

 A snake who had just swallowed his dinner. . .

A funny crayfish castle~
Our first hemlock in bloom (definitely NOT queen anne's lace!)~

Lots of pretty butterflies~

 Beautiful lakes and ponds~

 ~And mulberries!

We left feeling refreshed and ready to go back home and fill in a few pages in our nature journals.
 We'll be back soon when the elders are in bloom!

And lastly, we just had to make one more fun graphic. This one is for you, Jane!




  1. LOTS of interest here!
    I love seeing the different flora and fauna of blog friends' home territories!
    Sweet pics of the family, oh so sweet.
    We have just returned from S. of France wondering what on earth we were hearing in the evenings...sounded like submarine sonar bloops! Turns out its wasn't screaming frogs(!) or bleeping toads,
    but probably Scops Owls. All night.
    A smile and a hug,
    xxx Hazelnut

  2. Ha! Now you know I'm going to put up your graphic! So thank you so very much!!! Isn't the world a wonderful place? So much to see in our own backyards. Wow! You are way ahead of us weather-wise. Hope you picked lots of mulberries!

  3. I was having a lovely walk with you until we happened upon Mr. Snake....sorry,but they give me the creeps :). A lovely post dear Marqueta. Your children are always a blessing to see... so precious. How fast your wee one has grown. Her sweet face is just adorable!
    God's blessings to you all!

  4. Looks like a good Forest Bath indeed!! I thought that snake was an alligator for a moment! ~wonderful pictures Love Heather

  5. Oh I LOVE nature walks! And I love it when my hubby will go on them with me (he's not as much as a nature lover as me:)

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. But I can't seem to get past the snake!!! It is so HUGE!!! That snake would have surely had me staring at it for so long that my hubby would have become impatient with me, lol. Oh, my! It surely had a BIG supper too.

    I really enjoy your blog Marqueta

    Love in Jesus, Deanna

  6. UUghh!! not sure I like the look of the snake and his breakfast. Haven't had much chance to walk anywhere around these hasn't stopped raining in about a week and though we have blue skies today there is more of the wet stuff on the way! They say we are in a period of drought, but not from where I am sitting! dev x

  7. Hello! Your pictures of nature and your children are beautiful. I especially like the frog.I purchased the fabric Waterhouse prints on ebay. They are really easy to use. Just gently wash in the sink and dry. Then iron. You can sew it on to the dress. I did sew about 5 fabric prints to the quilt. You can even frame the fabric if you want. Thank you for visiting! Blessings, Rose

  8. What a beautiful way to spend a day! The photo of the snake that ate its dinner looked like and alligator... crazy.

    Blessings, Debbie

  9. What sweet photos. It reminds me of the nature walks when the girls were little. I miss those. They grow up so fast, enjoy xox Clarice

  10. Delightful!! Thank you so much for sharing! Isn't nature amazing? God made so many things for us to enjoy and there is a message in each one. Your children are getting an education that can't be beat!


  11. Oh my goodness, at first I was wondering why you had an alligator in a picture. Then I went back and realized it was the snake you were talking about!

    You have certainly been having adventures, I love that you share them with us! Thank you.




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