Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Here We Go a-Maying

 Dear Friends,

A merry, merry month of May to you! The whole air is full of perfume at our cottage, with honeysuckles and roses blooming in the woods, and peonies blooming in the yard (all of these flowers are medicinal, by the way, so be sure to harvest and dry some before they're gone!)~

 The lambsquarters are big enough to start harvesting now (we get just as excited about our weeds as we do our garden plants), and we've been eating salads of lettuce, arugula, endive.


 Tasha has been busy stitching a new gown for her Kathleen doll (who adores peonies!)

And Audrey is working on a fanciful dress for her Elsie doll~

 We had lots of buckwheat pancakes today, since buckwheat is gluten-free and reported to benefit the pancreas (and they're pretty tasty, too, especially in the shape of a cat!).

 AnnaMarie designed our May baskets, which were delivered to the neighbors bright and early in the morning,


And here is our May Queen for 2012, Miss Tasha Graham. She made the crown and scepter herself!

We hope that you had a fun May Day celebration as well, dear friends, rain or shine (we had both!), and this month proves to be one of many blessings for all.




"May Blossoms"

Silently, graciously, cheerily now,
April's sweet blossoms are leaving the bough,
That each tiny leaflet hid deep in some spray,
May timidly peep out, and whisper,
"'Tis May."

~Mattie T. Koerner


  1. Happy belated May day and what a beautiful May queen! Looks like lots of yummy and fun stuff is happening at your house xox Clarice

  2. If would you get excited about weeds, Marqueta, a trip to my yard would probably make you swoon! The girls are becoming very talented seamstresses. And your May queen is lovely, indeed!

  3. Missed, Missed Missed you!

    Sounds like you have enjoyed your first day of May!

    How in the world are you??

    The emerging.. Matty!

  4. How lovely, the peony bloom is breath-taking. They do not grow here :0( but I do love seeing them. Honeysuckle is in abundance and we are picking away. The dresses for the dollys are lovely their mistresses are doing a great job. Hope your spring is an inspiration in all you do.


  5. Our peonies and honeysuckle are not flowering yet, here in Wa. State! But I am going to be sure to dry some ~ but I am depending on you to tell me what to do with them! :~}

    I love buckwheat pancakes! I haven't made them in quite awhile. I am putting them on the menu for Saturday Morning!

    Tasha and Audrey are such good doll mommies! Love that they make them such sweet clothes!

    Just the other day I was talking with my Gentleman Farmer about leaving May baskets, and the poor fellow had never heard of it! What? How could he not know about them ~ when our girls were small we used to make them? Oh, dear! Anyway, AnnaMarie's are very sweet!

    Tasha is a beautiful May Queen! Lovely crown and septer, Tasha!

    Happy May to you all!

  6. Happy May to you! What beautiful flowers and May things! I love the fabric for the doll dress and can't wait to see the finished product (my girls can't wait to see it too). Have a blessed week ahead! :)

    Love from Utah!

  7. A very lovely post dear Marqueta...blessings

  8. Dear Marqueta, my heart skipped a beat when I saw the lambs quarters. I miss that plant! But maybe again some day. I think they are even better than spinach! Your May girls are LOVELY!!


  9. Marqueta, could you please recommend your favorite book on medicinal herbs/flowers? I would love that. I have so much to learn!

    Such precious pictures. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  10. Happy May!
    Tasha looks quite lovely!
    Looks like a day well spent! :-D
    All the flowers look beautious!
    I'm finding all kinds of good things growing on this new property too! I always think of you when I harvest the good herbs!!
    Blessings Love and Hugs, Linnie

  11. Our Peonies are blooming too, I am glad to know that those lovely petals falling to the ground can be put to use.
    What an enchanting little May Queen you have there. All of your children have such beautiful mouths... I notice things like that, it's just the artist in me.
    Here's to a magnificent May!

  12. My wife (Annette) has started another blog page where she likes to do, book reviews, tid bits of family insight, pictures she sees and snaps that make her and maybe even you smile and lastly she loves to do giveaways as her sweet heart loves to bless and encourage others. Thank you (Annettes husband) Rodney


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