Thursday, May 24, 2012

Looking Back~

Dear Friends,

The other day I was going through my old journals from college days (long before I knew Mr. Graham), and found this list that I had made:

"Things I Hope to Do When I am Married"

1. Start every morning with a prayer and a hymn, and end each day the same way.

2. Bless each meal, and have as many sit-down meals together as possible.

(Photos taken at the Anita B. Gorman Discovery Center, Kansas City, MO)
3. Say "Thank you," "Please," "I'm sorry," and "I love you."

4. Hug and kiss frequently.
5. Do dishes at least once daily, preferably after each meal.

6. Read scriptures daily, ideally as a family, and also alone.

7. Keep things in their proper perspective.
8. Hold weekly Family Home Evening.

9. Hold regular family meetings to see how everyone's doing.
10. Leave notes of love and encouragement.

11. Read to children every night.

12. Have regular family service projects.
13. Never become selfish.

14. Remember to take time off for myself, and to be alone with my husband.

15. Take a walk after dinner.
16. Continue  my education.

17. Never have a tedious, humdrum lifestyle. Always have a goal to work on.

18. Always be reading, learning, pondering, and trying to find ways to serve others.

19. Take time out each week to spend one on one time with each child.
20. Remember that my life is not my own now, but that it belongs to my family, and that is the way it  is supposed to be.

21. Cook regular meals each day, and always be prepared for when there's no time to cook a lot.

22. Always show appreciation to my husband and children for the things they do for me.

23. Open a savings account for each child, and teach them responsibility for it.
Not a bad list, is it? :) I was a child of divorce, and had no real role models to look to for establishing a strong family. Around the age of 20 I began observing others from my church, and reading family magazines in hopes of gleaning wisdom there.

 Looking back, almost twenty years later, I am impressed with the things that I came up with, and amazed that most of them I am faithful in doing! I had no idea that I would be homeschooling my children at the time, and learning right there along with them. 
Life has taken me along paths that I never would have chosen for myself, but I have a testimony that the Lord can take his weakest children, and through them make a mighty work come to pass. My children are so much farther ahead of where I was at their age, and I know that they are being blessed every day by how my husband and I have chosen to live our lives (however imperfectly we follow through!). 
I also have great hope for those whose home lives are not what they are wish, for I know that strength comes through struggles, and that God's grace is sufficient for all who come unto Him.
May you be blessed today, my dear friends, and know that we are praying for all of you and your families. Your kindness and friendship encourages us more than you can know.


 Marqueta (who is being attacked by a tomato plant in this picture)


  1. It is so true Marqueta! The Lord certainly takes those who are weak and makes them strong! I am a product of a broken home, and instead of letting it tear my home that I have now down - I take it as a learning experience and know I can change and create an environment the Lord would be happy with! What an inspiring list Marqueta! :) You are a wonderful family!

    Emily Fay

  2. Wow! Marqueta! You were certainly wise beyond your years! And blessed to have been able to accomplish your goals as well. It is always a joy to visit you here at Birdsong Cottage and I always come away with some measure of knowledge on a variety of subjects, or am challenged by your devotion to learning and helping others. A beautiful example of true femininity and domesticity!
    You bless and encourage me with each visit!

  3. Beautiful Post Marqueta I enjoyed reading your list and you are so blessed indeed!! I was a child of divorce also and Gods Grace is sufficient...I feel the same when I look at my children I often say wow!! Many reasons to count my blessings ~You have a beautiful family xx

  4. Hi Marqueta,
    I am warm and endeared by this post!
    Not only are you and your family BLESSED, but you are a BLESSING to us all!!!
    Love and Hugs, Linnie

  5. Dearest Marqueta, you were surely made to be a natural mother and wife!
    Your goals show a great inspiration for one so young...I wish I could say that I had that much wisdom at 20, but not so!
    I hardly knew which way up to hold a baby :)
    May God bless all your endeavors.
    xxx H

  6. From everything I have read on your blog, you are a wonderful, loving mother, Marqueta. I can see it in the joyous faces of your children. You're doing great!

  7. The list that you made for yourself before you were married was very inspiring. I think you should keep that list and look back on it again 20 years later to see how much further you have grown with your family.

    I smiled at the last picture of you being "attacked" by a tomato plant, tee hee. Take care, and have a blessed weekend!

  8. My Sweet Friend...your list is so sweet. It shows a woman open to the leading of His Spirit.

    I believe, for the times that you have shared with us here and on your letters, how much of yourself you give to others. How much you appreciate your family and friendships from all around the world.

    I think you are pretty special :)


  9. I to am a child of a divorced family. And I think it is amazing the thoughts you had before you and Mr. Graham were married.
    How beautiful your thoughts were. And how VERY beautiful your family is today.
    May God continue to bless you and your beautiful family.

    With Love, Deanna

  10. Marqueta, your words brought tears to my eyes. Simply beautiful and your post is an inspiration to all of us. Thank you!

  11. What a worthy list this is. And for you to be living up to it shows your character and determination. Your family is truly blessed to have such a person as yourself. I am pleased to say. that my own mother must have had such a list.

  12. Dear Marqueta, I am not surprised you had such insight at that age! And so happy when I think of you teaching your children! You have a sweet family. I have finally returned and am in the throes of moving! Whew! What a job. Mr. McLendon says it's the worst thing you can do on purpose. :) Well, gotta get to bed. I will try to catch up on all your posts in the next few days! Happy Birthdays are in order I see! Is it that time of year again? Already?



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