Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spring is for Babies (and Dancing)

 Dear Friends,

We have been enjoying the many baby birds that are around our little cottage this spring. We've counted at least four robins' nests in the yard, as well as a cardinal nest next to our neighbor's.

We have been gifted with a new little kitten from the fairies~ We found her under the front of our house, and have been feeding her with a kitten bottle for the past three weeks. Life is full of fun surprises!


Rebecca loves her babies so much, she decided to make them really pretty with ink~
"Much better!"

AnnaMarie and Audrey had the once in a lifetime opportunity of performing dances and singing with over three thousand youth from our church. It was a lot of tiring work, but they loved it!

Tasha missed out on the dancing, but had fun watching the show~

We've been harvesting mulberries and pine pollen this past week, and have been stocking the freezer with as many goodies as we can while they last. We've learned that you can't wait longer than a couple of days when things are ready to pick here in Missouri, or they'll be gone with the wind! :)

We're working on putting some more videos on YouTube for you, and hope to get them up soon.



p.s. Remember to smile, Remember to say a good word, and Remember to remember only the good!


  1. Oh Marqueta,
    What a sweet little face the little Kitten has!
    Wow! I got butterflies for the girls! What a massive audience!
    They look so pretty the three standing together! ;-D
    Blessings Love and Hugs, Linnie

  2. What a crowd AnnaMarie and Audrey performed in front of! Rebecca looks like a little angel. I'm sure her doll appreciated the beauty treatment. Looking forward to your next video!

  3. Thanks for the reminder to remember to remember the good! I need it! Sometimes, I find that the bad hangs on, but it is not hard to forget it. It just seems hard. And it is not easy to remember the bad, it just seems easy. Therefore, I agree, and submit to that wise counsel, and decide, anew to remember the good! In other words, I should definitely remember your jolly blog posts!

  4. I wondered if they were able to dance at it! That is so wonderful! I saw video of it here on the news and it looked so inspiring!

    Your kitten is so adorable! Such a sweet addition to the family! :)

    I have LOVED your video's Marqueta! Keep them coming!

    Blessings from here,
    Emily Fay

  5. Hey you guys!
    Wow ~what sweet pics~ can't choose which I like best.
    Life sure is busy,
    with things growing up and away!

    Those words at the end really resonated today....THANKYOU
    Blessings and hugs,
    xxx Hazelnut

  6. I love your little kitten. He (or she) looks so cute!

    Your daughters sure performed for a large crowd, wow! I think I would get the butterflies performing in front of so many people.

    Anyway, take care, and have a blessed week!

  7. That Kitty is such a cutey. We would love one here at the Fairyglade but semi tame doves and cats don't really mix..not to mention Hector dog!! Blue skies today here, Yay!! First time in over a week. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Dev x

  8. Marqueta, what a wonderful opportunity for the girls. You must be very proud. And such a sweet kitty. The fairies are so kind to send her to you.

  9. Your children are so cute! (Why do little girls love to color their dolls' faces..ha!) love,andrea


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