Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Family Walk and Another Birthday

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for the nice comments about my plant walk video. Two things make us hold our breath more than anything else; publishing a book, and putting yourself on video! :)

The weather has been so nice lately, that we've been taking a walk each evening, after Mr. Graham comes home from work.
The irises are beginning to bloom, and we love how each color has a smell that matches the colors: white smells like vanilla, purple smells like grape, and yellow smells like banana/lemon!

The tulips are so pretty, too. These pink tulips make us miss our Angelique tulips we left in Idaho, minus the ruffles.
Frankie and his bear are wearing matching farmer duds,

And the little Button Nose has the best seat in the house!

The sun sets on another day of life, and as I celebrate another year of my own life, I ponder on what I am giving to this world, and am looking forward to all that this one holds!




  1. I hope you enjoyed you birthday, dear Mama! I love you so much! The picture of the sunset is very pretty! You're the best!



  2. Feliz Cumpleanos!!!!

    Que Dios te siga bendiciendo :)


  3. Well goodness sakes! Happy birthday my dear friend! Hope this day holds all that your heart desires. You needn't worry about making videos. Your gentle way makes for lovely ones. And very informative too. Hope the coming year includes more. Happy birthday again!

  4. So sweet and a very Happy Birthday Marqueta!! I can't believe how much your little button nose has grown!! May you be blessed with good health and joy all your days ~Love Heather

  5. Happy Birthday Mrs Graham, Happy Birthday to you! What a lovely way to end the day, walking in the fresh air with your family...altogether. Memories in the making. Rain, rain and more rain here and sooooo cold and windy. Not walking weather at all! Dev x

  6. Aw, Happy Birthday, Sweetie!
    You give so much to this life
    ...Don't ponder long!
    Love the pics,
    A hug,
    xxx H/A

  7. Happy Birthday! Birthdays always seem to have us reflecting don't they?

    Your walks look lovely and fun.

    The kiddos and I walked a country road the other day digging up wildflowers to plant by the mailbox. We had a nice rain yesterday so I am hoping that helped with the shock so they can establish themselves.

    Love Erika

  8. Happy Birthday Marqueta!!! ... so glad you 'held your breath' to make the plant walk video, hehe, I loved it so very much!!!

    Blessings to you and your precious family :)

  9. HOW DARLING MY DEAR! Your child is absolutely beautiful. And thank you so much for your kind and wonderful comment!!! Have a lovely spring celebration of LIFE!! Anita

  10. I love this spring weather and you seldom find me inside. Lovely pictures!

  11. I love the post, Mama! And I love you more❥! :)


  12. Dear Marqueta,

    I love the pictures of the walk! Such a sweet family time. I am so glad you are able to do things like that together. Keep those pictures coming!



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