Thursday, June 21, 2012

All on a Midsummer's Eve

Twas the night of Midsummer, and all through the place,

Thoughts about fairies were seen in each face..

The tables were set in the garden with care,

In hopes that the wee folk would visit them there.

The foods and drink were the finest delights~

Surely the fairies cannot resist them tonight!

Sure enough, in the night, the fairies they came

And left a wee treasure for each child to claim.

Dear Friends,

A merry summer to all of you, from all of us at Birdsong Cottage! There is something magical about midsummer's, that can be felt in the sultry air of evening. Anything can happen on such a night, and surely the wee folk are never far away from those who believe.

We prepared our annual fairy feast, and read from "Mabel on Midsummer Day" to help us remember to be extra careful on the longest day of the year.

May this summer be full of magic for all, and of dreams that come true.




  1. Marqueta, how delightful! I can imagine the little fairies dancing around that sweet little table! :)

  2. Ooh how the summer evening is just so sweet! And I especially love the summer evening after an afternoon rain shower -- love the smells, the sounds, and it's beauty all around!

    I clicked on your post from 2009!! I read all of what you shared from "Mabel on Midsummer Day" ..Just lovely, lovely prose, and enchanting tale.

    Have fun with the fairy garden party! Imagination so pure and so fun -what a neat, neat family tradition!

    Blessing & Love, Deanna

  3. Happy Midsummer things look wonderful over here...that green plant that isn't a stinging nettle is it ....I am terrified of them now Marqueta lol..I panicked when I saw the picture hehehe...I love how green everything is...I have a little garden going this year I have about 3 layers of different kind of fence since the critters keep eating it all but I finally think I have it figured out :) wishing your family a most splendid summer ~Love Heather

  4. Yeah! An amen to the above! No wonder "thou art" so at home with my use of singular pronouns, and "archaic" phraseology. It definitely calls for "Ken and Marqueta" love!

  5. Happy Summer to Birdsong cottage and all those that abide....blessings dear friend.

  6. Hi Marqueta, glad your parcel arrived safetly. We had torrential rain and thunder and lightning for our Midsummer night, not a night for fairies to be out and about in all of their finery! Dev x

  7. How fun! The joys of childhood enchantment. You're such a fun and involved mother, Marqueta, I see you really have embraced your role model, Tasha Tudor.

  8. How adorable! Looks like a wonderful evening with delightful yummies for the faire folk.

    I hope your summer is full of such delights.



  9. Well done, for actually DOING something to celebrate Midsummer Eve. Lucky every~one!
    I love how the sky glimmers long into the night at this time of year
    ...more light to catch a glimpse of the Faeries!
    xxx H/ A

  10. A magical night indeed. I am sure the fairies had quite a ball. Clarice


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