Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Flowers in My Garden

 Dear Friends,

I've been out admiring the flowers in my garden today. As you can see, some of them are a little more "wild" than others. . . .

. . . but they clean up real nice!

Rebecca is posing by a beautiful poppy that I planted and can't remember the name of. I was planning on saving the seeds to share with my friends, but you know how two-year olds are with flowers~

 So we get to enjoy it as a cut flower, instead!

Here are some lovely Bright Eyes Flax blossoms. . .

. . . and Shirley Poppies that Rebecca can't reach.

The pansies are still blooming sweetly in the onion patch. . . 

. . . And the celery we started from a grocery store plant  is growing happily, too (of course we know that celery is not a flower).

 The Asiatic day flowers are beginning to bloom all around the yard. They are quite tasty in salads, and we love the leaves in smoothies.

Senora just can't get enough of the garden these days (or is it the chipmunk that resides therein?). . . 

And the sunflowers are getting to open their beautiful faces, much to the goldfinches' delight!

 Have you ever been feeling down or discouraged, and read just the thing that pulled you up higher, and let you breathe God's fresh air again? We found such words on a tin at the thrift store, and thought we would share them with you. May we all be freshened and encouraged through God's words, and may we treasure the gifts that He has given us (even those that come wrapped in sandpaper!).

Love to you all,


p.s. I just uploaded a video of my lovely self demonstrating what to do with the things you harvest around your yard. Cheers! 


  1. Yes, as beautiful as your flowers are, (and nature...and the little cat) your children are the most!

    Your video is such a nice touch and interesting to watch and learn.

  2. Lovely post Marqueta..I am learning much from you...thanks for sharing...blessings

  3. 'All' of your flowers are so pretty! Oh, I would have loved to have a few of those poppy seeds, but it was very sweet of Rebecca to want it for you! (I have a little granddaughter who simply cannot resist any flower within reach, too!) :~}
    I started some 'grocery store celery' too, in the house in a shallow tray of water. Just the other day I planted them out in a long tray/pot ~ not really sure how to go about it! I couldn't find anywhere to tell me what to do with them after they grew some roots. Could you tell me what you did and what I should have done, should I need to try again! :~?
    Your sweet kitty must be trying out her hunting skills, but hope she isn't so good she actually catches the squirrel!
    Our goldfinches make their appearance at the feeders everyday, brightening my day with their cheery song ~ even with all our dreary rain!
    Thank you for sharing the words on the tin ~ you and they brightened my day today!

  4. I love your little flowers....Especially the button nose variety!! thanks for sharing the tin such encouraging words love Heather

  5. Your wildflowers are lovely, especially the ones that are "easy to clean." :) The quote from the tin was very encouraging, and as always, I enjoy your video lessons.

    Blessings! :)

  6. What beautiful "wild" flowers you have, Marqueta! Thank you for another informative video. I am learning from you. And it's always a pleasure to see your lovely self. Our old family friend, Jack, learned a lot of natural medicines from his Native American friends at the turn of the last century. He used to make a drink with the bark of a certain pine tree (he never told us which one) that was a pain reliever. He gave some to my husband when he was suffering from arthritis, and boy did it ever work! Unfortunately while he felt no pain, he was pretty much numb for two days! Anyway, your pine needle concoction reminded me of that. Would you happen to know what tree it would be? Maybe if it was diluted, it would be a good pain reliever.

  7. Hi again! Speaking of bikes, my neighbors have a surrey bike which is an Italian bike and seats 5. They are so neat. I bet your kids would love that. They were fortunate to buy it on ebay for a fraction of the cost (used). love,andrea

  8. You make it look so easy... I believe you, it is easy! I'll add tincture making to my bucket list!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  9. I so enjoyed watching and learning from your little video. With the tinctures, would you drink them neat or dilute them with water? Lovely to see you in person and there is a parcel winging it's way to you. Hugs Dev x

  10. Marqueta, Your posts always make me smile. I love your beautiful garden of flowers and children. And your tin is precious!

  11. Great video Marqueta. I always learn something new from your videos!!! Clarice


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