Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Winter Wild Edibles

Dear Friends,

Happy February to you! We had a cold snap after our warm spell, but now we're heading back up into the 50s, making it a perfect time to go for a walk to see what's coming up that we can nibble on. I've put together a video with a few of the things we found in the woods next door; I hope you enjoy it~




  1. Yeah a new video. I love watching these. Clarice

  2. This is great, Marqueta! How did you learn to identify plants and wild craft herbs? I would love to read about your journey with herbs in a blog post!


  3. Thank you! You know alot! I can recognize some of your greens and we have alot of onion grass in our yard! I always wondered if they were edible. I love the birds' sounds in the background. I have a baby cedar tree that looks like the one you pointed out, and some white pines. Now I know what to do with them.

  4. Marqueta, I so love your videos. And you inspire me to embrace life more. Thank you!

  5. My computer is acting up and I couldn't watch the video very well :(
    I will try another time though. I always find them so informative. A belated happy birthday to your precious girl.....blessings

  6. WOW--Wonderful video! I didn't kno you posted these until today, and i will definately be watching the rest!

    I finished your letter, but won't be able to mail it until Friday.

  7. Just wanted to say...I thik I like making soap because it reminds me of cooking but I can't eat it! That way I might not gain some weight!


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